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What they are doing is ruining the economy.

I'm bad at sports.

I was sorry for no reason.

The ice will crack under your weight.

Thanks for taking care of all of this.

They went on deck.

All things considered, I think you should go back home and support your old parents.

It's not that I don't want to go, I can't afford to.

Jane Cobb, his present secretary, is the only person in the office who can stand him.

Are you a detective?

Are you going to be here tomorrow?

Who's the person sitting at the other end of the table?

What's the minimum salary in Argentina?


Please check the attached file.


What did you buy from us?


Talk of the devil and he's sure to appear.


All I want to do is finish what I started.

I lent Venkata some money so he could pay this month's rent.

I have to buy flowers for my girlfriend.

You all were scared of me.

The weather today is worse than yesterday.


Truth is always the same: all its versions are a lie.

We've done it.

Giving you a star.

Then the younger brother set off, and the elder remained behind.

Bryan decided not to tell Jakob the truth.

We must learn to walk before we can run.

I charted our course with a compass, map and plenty of hope.


It doesn't feel good.

John received an injury to his head.

A bulldozer was used to level the lane.

They drink too much.

The people working here seem to know what they're doing.

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Cristi might do the same.

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Please call a doctor!

Where did you and Hon first meet?

You like Boston, don't you?

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Jaime looks demented.


I'll try to help you.

We have to find out where Douglas is.

I went to the market.

I'm on good terms with the neighbors.

I think you know what's in the closet.


I'll give you a lesson that you'll remember for a long time.

The window is still broken.

Now that you're eighteen, you should know better.


This is all the money I have.

I won't do that.

I have bought those sun glasses in the Netherlands.

Don't forget.

I don't feel like working today, so let's go play soccer.

Ping is a world-famous bus conductor.

Did you buy anything?

You shouldn't listen to her.

I will eat the orange.

We all missed them.

Would you tell Werner we need his help?

I finally got hold of that book I wanted.

My father makes it a rule to get up at six, even in the winter.

Mara's parents are both Canadians.

I'll swim with Charles tomorrow.

Don't panic.

There are people who think pineapples grow underground.

This is all you have to do now.

The other day something horrible happened in a Tokyo suburb.

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The city was completely deserted.

You're not bad looking.

Piet couldn't find anyone for the job.

At that time, the train was very crowded.

I will show you how to go to the park.


We've got to get out of this place.


Why don't you sing for us?

I can't believe Sumitro would commit suicide.

We don't want anybody to find out.

I tried explaining the algebra homework to him, but it just went in one ear and out the other.

If it had not been for the storm, we would have been in time for the meeting.


Those men were armed to the teeth.

We can't stay any longer.

Anatoly was on TV last night.

It looks like Mickey is drunk again.

The situation is worse than we believed.

That's her.

Before the city council could select a contractor and begin construction on a new recreation centre, eligible voters had to approve, by referendum, a $2 million bond issue to pay for its expected capital cost.

We must've blown a fuse.

Sir David Attenborough is the most well-known narrator in the world.

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Her mention of his name rang a bell.

Tell Spike I won't be there.

I didn't go to school.

Laurie went to her favourite restaurant to eat.

Mikey needs at least nine hours of sleep every night or he can't function.


Sometimes I find that I basically have no time to pay attention to irrelevant trivia.

I never even met Jennie.

Is Saad still engaged to Vidhyanath?

Where did you finish them off?

I came near to being run over by the truck.

I think this not a method that I can really recommend unless you are willing to risk failure.

We moved our bags to make room for the elderly lady to sit down.

We can't just let Syun go.

I like older people.

She wants someone she can turn to for advice.

Beer contains hops.

That disease is incurable.

I hope to see you this Friday.

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Turkeer was smart about the way he set all of this up.

I am a fan of pacifism.

I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait for a few more minutes.

More than 500 baby sea turtles were released into the sea.

I took her for her sister. They look so much alike.


His company was singled out as the most successful small business in the region.

He was busy, but he took the time to show me around the city.

I'm not even sure if that would help or not.

Is that it?

Have a satsuma for dessert.

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Why do you need a doctor?


We know you're in pain.

Shean thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.

I didn't realize what time it was.

Where in the world is Rogue going?

We must vacate the house before next month.

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The man is good.


I have to stop procrastinating.

I'll be at home all day tomorrow.

Alex is my charge.

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Don't forget to change the flag. This is Berber, not German.

He was excited by nationalistic sentiment.

Have any of you read that book?


Scientists are keeping a close watch on conditions in the Arctic.

We'll take care of you.

I allowed Kate to go home.


The old castle stands on the hill.

He always looks like he's half-asleep, but once he gets into an argument, he really goes to town.

I don't know why I bother with you.

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Freedom of speech is now taken as a matter of course.

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Old favors are soon forgotten.

If I were to tell you the whole truth, you would be amazed.

A large rock is large; a small one is small.


The accused was absolved from the crime.


Meehan lied about the matter.

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Some people like danger.

I played with Shakil and Ginny today.

The negotiations fell through.

I heard Mickey crying in her room, so I went to check on her to see if she was OK.

He rarely gives up.

He was no match for a lawyer.

Daniele is getting dressed in his room.


Lois forgot to pay the bill.


Timo didn't know that he had terminal cancer.

We wouldn't care.

Goodnight ladies.

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I've never met a musician that I didn't like.

What else does Mohammad have?

Born in Athens in 1956.

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Mr. Grant is the oldest of the elders, Mr. Smith is the youngest.

A math teacher says, "With a calculator, the child can reach the right answer, but have no idea at all how he got there."

I have to go get some food.

I've told Warren the truth.

I'm studying in the library.

When you find yourself in a hole, you just have to dig yourself out.

Don't let Pierre touch my computer.

He is a close friend of my brother.

There's not much to see.

Can we have a word with him?

Why did you repaint your house green?