Since I'm not so good at swimming, I avoid swimming in water that's over my head.

Devon didn't have to wait for me.

All things hidden will be seen.

The village lay in a valley about half a mile in breadth.

The miners went on strike for a wage increase.

Her folks cannot help worrying about her wound.

Try to make the most of your time.


Spass doesn't really enjoy hanging out with Kevan.

I opened my eyes.

I can't treat you today, but I'll make up for it next week.

"Objection. This certainly has no relevance." "All objections have been waived till the trial."

I'm dizzy.


Andries said it was my fault.

The train is always on time.

I forgot to pack something.


Pay very close attention.


You must talk to her in person.

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I have a bad headache.

She explained to me that we throw away too much garbage.

Don't hold your rival cheap.


Hold your ground.

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You two have a lot in common.

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You hate the rules.

Let me take your bag, Spy.

When was the last time you had a boyfriend?

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And he calls himself a sniper!

Be careful with that thing.

I like to feel sad. I know that most people try to avoid any kind of sad feeling. But I think that is wrong.

You're just as annoying as you were the last time I met you.

The main secret of thoughts is where do they come from? It is impossible to catch a thought until it comes to your mind. That's why I take my own thoughts as a gift that I'm happy to use.

You'd be crazy to leave now.

I'm homeschooled.

He was the first man to cross the Pacific.

Irving needs glasses.

Having heard the story before, she didn't want to hear it again.

Sue will be in later.

It is doubtful whether he will come or not.

We're all stunned.


An eagle swooped and plucked a rabbit from the field.

We all stand by you to the last.

I don't know whether it is the morning or the afternoon.


Pray with all your heart.

I'll run with it.

You can not appreciate the poem until you have read it many times.

Disabled people can't stand it when people pity them.

My mother loved lilac bushes so I planted some outside her door .

I cleared the roof of snow.

There's something we have to talk about.

I changed my hair, but he didn't like it.

The blueberry cake he made was delicious.


There were puns in the holy writings, and they got lost in translation.


I can see now I was wrong.

This is something to consider.

I have her in my pocket.

She bought a new house the other day.

I used to work in a bank when I lived in London.

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I just saw Donovan in front of the library.

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And to make matters worse, he met with a traffic accident.

Some boys don't like to bathe regularly.

I can't keep this.

I'm not afraid any more.

No-one is more capable of translating your sentences than yourself, surely.

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It was the perfect place for monsters to hide.

Ernie told me that she wants to meet my parents.

He has gotten better, so he'll soon be able to leave the hospital.

I can't put up with his arrogance.

He won't always be around

I did what I could. It's your turn now.

Balls are round.

He tried to draw the bow with all his strengths and shoot an arrow distantly.

It's time for us to leave.

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She bought a handbag, but she lost it the next day.

I opened the box, but it was empty.

The tsunami alert has been canceled.

Will you be the only person present?

They clung together for warmth.

Why don't you just back off?

I found a piece of paper in the room.

Vick works too hard.

He has very strong arms.

You can't swim. Isn't that so?

He wasn't your brother.

Murph wouldn't have made it on time if he hadn't run.

Do you think that plants feel pain?

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What I told you about him also holds good for his brother.

I was fired without cause.

I'm not so sure it was time to leave.


I remember reading this book.

That's a horse of another colour.

What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Bobbie follows Pilot around.

A dog runs.

This summer we'll go to the mountains and to the sea.

I make a point of writing an answer as soon as I get a letter.


You must keep the gate closed for the night.

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Such being the case, I can't go with you.

Help me move the couch.

I'm really mad at them.

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Our world is only one small part of the universe.

Are you getting off?

I was discouraged to hear of his death.

This book will be of great use to you.

She suggested that we go shopping to Motomachi next Sunday.

I live on the 6th floor.

But "experiment" is not the appropriate word.

Why don't you get lost.

Brandy was very patient.

I won't do that. I'd rather die.

Would you come our house?


We need to get them some help.

I didn't understand the purpose of the question at all.

There are no stupid jobs, there are only stupid people.


Malloy told me you were dead.

Ranjit rolled up his pants and dipped his toes in the water.

Without your encouragement, I should have given up the plan.

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Humor me.

This is not the first time someone told me I should cut my hair short.

We're not going to do it.

We'll do our best to win.

The ditch is ten feet wide.

Do you think that's the answer?

There our five people in our family.

Nou lay in bed, unable to sleep.

They want me to talk to him.


Could you ask Valerie to call Eddie?

Kenneth's comments are accurate.

I did my exam!

How much will all the treatments cost?

That the politicians keep their promises.


Matt has a large gun collection.

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Did Leonard tell you he was the one who did this?

We don't trust you.

My birthday's not for another month.

Who are those people?

Go across the river!


It was almost like Christmas.

My prayers were answered.

This country has an aging population.

My older brother manages that company.

When the Tsar saw the linen he was struck with astonishment at its fineness and beauty.


I didn't have any choice.

Are you friend or foe?

The apartment we live in is so small that we lack space.

This sofa is made of hemp.

Earl thought Bobby could speak French.


Quick, turn off the lamp, I want to hide in the darkness.

May I eat this?

What's the correct answer?


Does Archie have a crush on Ravi?


About 10 people are waiting.


Maybe I should tell Dick.


Serdar doesn't know exactly where Dawson lives.

We all had a good workout before lunch.

Case betrayed me.

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Doesn't your job start tomorrow?

It's in my jacket pocket.

Daniel needs a raise.

We need significant improvement.

In Japan, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes are national holidays, but the summer and winter solstices are not.


I can't stand this kind of music.

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I usually wake up late.