Music School & Cajun Music Lessons

  • Music School – Offering instruction for children and adults                                 isodomous

  • Cajun Music Lessons –  For people who wish to really learn the traditional styles of Cajun Fiddle and Accordion – Tina is now offering Cajun music lesson intensives on Fiddle and Accordion drawing upon over 30 years of experience playing with old-timers and in the dance halls of South Louisiana and East Texas.

“Tina has been studying the fiddle styles of many Cajun fiddlers for over 30 years. Most of that time has been devoted to learning the styles of Dennis McGee and Wade Frugé. Having arrived in Louisiana in the early 80s, she was fortunate enough to have spent many wonderful hours in the presence of Dennis and Wade and many other older musicians who were a window into the past and into the character of people who were so unlike the people of today. Besides playing beautiful, wonderful, soulful music, they had a gentleness and refinement about them that may never again grace this earth. To play fiddle like the old masters, you have to grow up with these people and play this style from birth, or totally immerse yourself in these people’s lives, to the degree that their music becomes a part of you also. So it was with Tina Pilione.” — Marc Savoy, From the liner notes of Rodney Fontenot with Tina Pilione, Cajun Fiddle The Way It Was. Tina has also spent those 30-plus years studying Cajun accordion & guitar and welcomes all who want to learn from her experiences and skills.