He's the chairman of the committee.

In fact, there is a joke about passport photos: If you really look like the picture in your passport, you certainly need a vacation!

Did you call the police?

She'll try it once more.

Her skirt is yellow with polka dots.

I've got it all figured out.

Are we sure we want to hire Roberta?

We've got to help them.

I wouldn't worry about it.

It is inevitable that some changes will take place.


I didn't know who they were.

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The law does not apply to this case.


It was a bitter disappointment to him when he failed his examination.

I got this dress for pretty cheap.

Suddenly, a terrible storm came up.

I wish Franklin was still here.

If it is nice weather tomorrow, let's go on a hike.

You should take your car to Ramesh's Garage. He does a pretty good job.

I don't have a battery anymore.


Please give us three references.

What does he intend to do?

It's one of the greatest taboos of our time.

If there's no life after death, then you'd better make this life count.

Arthur made an angel in the snow.

He made a promise to take me to the movies.

They will assist us.

He has great belief in that doctor.

We cannot thank you enough.

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It's rather cold for April.

She was very shy until she graduated.

Wow, you're really obsessed with Orville.

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Modern civilization is founded on science and education.

Jean doesn't have that problem.

I assume you know who did this.

Roderick begged Brett to stay.

If it should rain tomorrow afternoon, we will meet in the gym.

The Japanese are highly receptive to new ideas.

Gypsy needs to change his eating habits.


I visited him only to find him absent.


Martin seemed very tired, didn't he?

Do you have one?

This is too easy for him.

When did Phil come back?

You think I'm right, don't you?

I could see you marrying him.

I'd think that was obvious.


Kenneth was looking at me.

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Please see to it that the dog doesn't go out.


Corey told me that the trip had been canceled.


Are you still in Scotland?

I am an Esperanto beginner.

Those who belong to larger, more powerful language communities rarely alter their linguistic practices to adapt to less powerful groups.

His belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.

Victoria knew exactly where to go.

I only have one suggestion.

I hid my worries from my wife.

All you have to do is push this button.

I didn't expect so many people to be here.


Do you think you'll be able to solve the problem by yourself?

He is no less diligent than she.

Although Izumi is a lapsed Catholic, and Julia no longer believes in God, they invited the missionaries in and gave them each a glass of water.

She doesn't want to go to school anymore.

The botanist carefully recorded the morphological characteristics of the trees.

Get rid of them.

Judy usually eats less than Po does.

We're friends.

Could I look at that one?

Why has your perspective changed so much?

This is not Disneyland.

Unfortunately, I'm late.

Senator Mahmoud Jackson was opposed to conscription.

The snail retreated into its shell.

Write these words in your notebook.

Optimism is merely a lack of information.

The ship disappeared beyond the horizon.

Dan had a hip surgery.

It's in your truck.

Every snowflake is unique.

Snow indicates the coming of winter.

Ravi nudged Kristen with his shoulder.

Getting your letter with your photo put me in seventh heaven.

An investigation is going on.

We buy bread.


We must keep fighting.


He took off his clothes.

He's not all that gorgeous.

She crossed my name off the list but not yours.

The program's memory management was so inefficient that it actually damaged the RAM somehow!

Stacey sounded irritated.

The United States Ambassador in Syria left the country for security reasons.

We fold the flag after the festival.

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Which anti depressant would you recommend for someone who can not take hormones?

Do you have a European health insurance card?

I suppose I should've been happy.

We had a chance.

The suspense is killing me!

A good yoga session can limber you up like nothing else.

I want your complaining to end.


My daughters are coloring all over the walls.

There are many singers in this singing festival.

They clinked glasses.


I'm not through with you!


We haven't seen each other for a long time.

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What's the rush?

It is otherwise correct.

Oh, you poor thing!

The war is draining our economy.

I never thought of that before.

You can see the whole city from here.

Frank always tries to have his own way.

You wouldn't like them.

Have you ever shown your scar to someone?


It's very easy to sound natural in your own native language, and very easy to sound unnatural in your non-native language.


They took off from Arlanda early in the morning.

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Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?

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Don't be a dog.

I spent Monday with Terrance.

Rafael went into his bedroom.


Tao told me a lot of things other people wouldn't tell me.

Most problems have many solutions.

I hope this is the right one.

Nothing happened to them.

What do you want to buy for her?

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Don't ride that horse. He'll throw you.

I need to know who helped her.

By then it will already be too late.


That's good thinking, Konrad.

Could you please tell Derek that I need to see him?

Swamy shook Sally's hand.

She prefers to sew, and wishes neither to walk nor to sit in the garden.

Simplicity is the key.

They were afraid of you.

Because the lecturer speaks quickly few people could follow him.

I can't get out of this trouble by myself.

The tall woman is beautiful.

Peggy is in charge of all forthcoming deals with Asia.

He witnessed the accident on his way to school.

It is fashionable to have leather chairs.

It is hard to make a sentence in a language that you know very little about.

He's in prison.

Get out of the classroom.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

The boy's aggression is making problems.


The police didn't book Tanaka for murder.

We've forgotten something.

Don't judge others by the color of their skin.

You're charming.

I know his address, but it's a secret.

Even a nightingale isn't without its gall.

You are enough.

I could not but suspect that there was something behind it.

Hit the bricks!


Computers are machines.


When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust others about you more than you about yourself.


I was in Australia with him.


They're not criminals.

Who that knows her doesn't love her?

Don't go anywhere without me.

Brush off the dust from your shoes.

This dictionary is every bit as good as that one.

Things like that will never happen under my leadership.

Kate accepted Nikolai's offer.

Do you have any pets?

I'm on a tight schedule.

I saw the package.

People usually have two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.


I was surprised to see him there.