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Some clouds can be seen in the sky.

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Hilda tried to open the door, but couldn't get it open.

Without work, I can't save anything.

Knute tricked all of us.


The hourglass will indicate the end of the fight.

They look exactly like us.

Keep off the grass.

Anatoly never says thank you.

The flights haven't left yet.


The black cat runs fast.


Jose can't hear you.

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Government ministers are certain to welcome such proposals.

You can't use this.

At some point in history, a mosquito has to have bitten into a pimple and thought "What the fuck is this?"

I can't speak French.

I'm very bitter about that.


Prices are very high in this store.


Clothes are getting cheap.


I thought we could use the cloth napkins.

Dennis didn't even say goodbye to Old before he left.

Tuan is in plenty of danger already.

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She is a noted singer.

Though he is old, he is very healthy.

The parking spaces nearest the door are reserved for executives.

Thanks for warning me.

They're in.

We import grain from the United States.

We don't really have to sell it.

Don't you want to meet him?

I can't tell if the party will return tomorrow.


The packing list for the business trip includes an umbrella, gloves, and a belt.

Small wonder that he thinks so.

Why did Jurevis leave so suddenly?

The new house didn't live up to expectations.

That's just what she needs.

Many soldiers were wounded in the battle.

We became Americanized after World War II.

Bobby has written to me.

I don't want to go to work.


I knew I shouldn't have put off doing my homework until the last minute.

You have to stop worrying.

No idea.

What noise might giraffes make?

I will help you.

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Leila is quite sharp, isn't he?

Jon has answered all the questions.

I have two tickets to the Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons night game. Want to go?

Bob was beside himself with joy.

The current federal policy prefers junk food to healthy food which we all need.

I took the book.

It is hard for an old man to change his way of thinking.

We'll miss your laughter.

What've you done lately?

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Something about him just brings out the worst in me.


The four seasons are: Spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Believe that if you want to.

The blue whale grows to over 30 metres long.

I said that I was confused.

That is indispensable.

I'm looking for a navy blue raincoat, size 36.

For a few moments, there was complete silence.

I will do it by all means.

I'm waiting for Leigh to leave.

Oscar was married to a Canadian.

The focus of the talk is put on the content.

He was regarded as the greatest writer of the day.

They took her at her word.

Luckily, Shawn had some money I could borrow.

I didn't touch anything.

Is there an easier way to do this?

She recognized a friend.

It's much bigger than I thought it would be.

Let me give you my phone number.

Dicaeopolis slowly walks out of his house.


I'm not angry at all of you.

I know a good restaurant not far from here.

I didn't expect such a nasty response to my question.

Dwight made me swear not to tell Sofoklis about what he did.

Who brought her?

It's hot today, so we can take a swim in the sea.

A bike path collapsed in Rio.

I don't think he'll be able to do it by himself.

He is voluntarily supporting you.

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Have you decided whether or not you're going to sell your house?

Leave her out of this.

Fritz decided not to swim.


Nanda didn't seem all that surprised.


Don't be shy about talking to the teacher; if you don't understand, use some initiative!

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Will she live?

Ramon had his hair dyed black.

Boyce will pick the kids up after school.

You should marry him.

Isn't Evan magnificent?

My only distraction is the game of Go.

This is the first time I've ever lighted a candle with a lighter.

Shannon wasn't right about that.

Thank you for helping me to cross the road.


I have five more days.


At last, they purchased freedom with blood.

I regard myself as your guardian.

Why did you give Manolis money?

I'd like a bottle of water.

She's been severely traumatized by bullying at school.

Have you thought about what time of year you want to visit Boston?

You didn't quit your job, did you?

Rebecca knew Edward was hungry.

We want nothing from you.


Humans have looked to the skies to find their way since ancient times.

It could be her.

Can I take your order now?

I don't feel like talking.

This famous conductor lives in New York.

He was treated well but still was scared.

He went to France not so much for sightseeing as for observation.


Dory has a meeting this afternoon at 2:30.


We're fighting for our lives.

Three generations see things three ways.

This is rubbish.


I'm glad you approve.

Some people go after fame.

Where is the pine forest?

Dan initially believed Linda when she said that it was an accident.

Meehan is pale.

That fish lives in fresh water.

We can't do anything for them.

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I thought Donald was the best singer on stage tonight.

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He filled the glasses with wine.

Please give me money.

We stayed home for Christmas, so as to avoid heavy traffic.


Tell me you were adopted.

What exactly should I have told Murthy?

I didn't see anybody following us.

He is a diamond in the rough.

The coffee is all gone.

Why can't you forgive me?

I'll vouch for them.

You may return.

His spouse is a Japanese woman.

Holly pointed his gun at Pamela.

Don't tell Sho what really happened.

I overslept this morning, therefore I haven't had my breakfast.

You are wrong in some respects.

Don't show this to him.

Marvin and Kamiya are just friends.

I knew where to go.

There's probably somebody in that old house.

Can you explain it to me?

If you do that, you are going to look ridiculous.

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She had a really frumpy outfit on today.

Think isn't very photogenic.

He dedicated his life to helping the poor.


This watch is as expensive a gift as that bracelet.

Can you swim like her?

I am getting slim!


Why aren't you at your office?

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Tor has to look after Clem.

I found Christie very friendly.

The two Queens are very different.

There are hardly any books in this room.

I'm friends with Brandy.

You can count on Jack.

Does he have a family?

I surprised myself.

Don't wander from the subject.


Thank you. We'll do our best.