On encountering the celebrity, they asked for his autograph.

Let us begin, then.

There must be some misunderstanding.


Don't worry in the least. It's nothing more than a bad memory that will vanish with the first rays of the sun.


It is not necessary to say that she is an excellent pianist.

Would you help me if I moved?

We stopped over in Athens on our way to Paris.

I've suffered enough humiliation lately.

She is by no means polite.

The party was a flop.

Uri brings us gifts whenever he visits.

Kamiya is the only one I know that can speak French.

We don't want you to get hurt.

They got Nicolette.

I asked my boss for a pay rise.

Stephan was sentenced last October.

He's a total genius!


What's your grandfather's name?


What are all these people still doing here?


Donal, you're supposed to be enjoying yourself!


You're really a good singer.

Ima didn't know how to ask Ed to leave without hurting her feelings.

Waiter, please split the check.

I'm sure Jose misses you, too.

What do you usually do on holidays?

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The apples are ripe.


She is a really nice person.

We all stuck together.

Ten years have gone by.

I thought Jennie would get here ahead of us.

The responsibility was in large part mine.

Too much rest is rust.

It never occurred to me that this might happen.


She grew up to be a slim girl.

I cannot help deciding so.

I'm hoping I'm wrong.


She pulled her sweater over her head.

Coffee is one of the staples of Brazil.

Milner just can't seem to get along with Sharada.

When I was a child, I would spend hours reading alone in my room.

Rodent didn't deny it.

I don't like the house he is living in.

The Tokyo stock market recorded an unprecedented loss.

Win is at home taking care of the kids.

Whatever he said, it's not true.


We suffer primarily not from our vices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions.

Could you write down the chord progression for this song?

Melinda wears simple clothes.

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Everyone tried to solve the puzzle.


A few hours after the clouds cleared and the sun came out, and the desert smelled of ozone.

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I need some body lotion.

He is good at mathematics.

I like hiking in the mountains.


The letter was to let her know that he had been ill.

I think I know how you feel.

Many of the prisoners were decapitated.

The beautiful is always strange.

Elwood admired the flower arrangement.

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That garage has room for two automobiles.

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A single mistake, and you are a failure.

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He is leaving in three days time.

That's a problem.

How'd you get here?


Clayton just came in.

Johnathan was making fun of Norbert.

Kiki doesn't know what Val means when she says that.

He ordered the boys not to shout in the classroom.

She is talking.

Look up the word in the dictionary.

I don't deserve your friendship.

The stores were alive with people the Saturday before Christmas.

Radek pulled a long face when he heard the story.

Would you please do me a favor?

These butterflies are rare in our country.

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Didn't I warn you about her?


I found my bicycle gone.

I love that show.

I was not satisfied with life in Paris.

He ran into the room.

John is much taller than Marci.

It's up to Gigi now.

It's OK now. Don't worry. You can depend on me one hundred percent.

I'm going to do what I've been told.

I'll be leaving now.

I like Christmas decorations.

He worked far into the night.

Where did dad go?

Everybody's looking for you.

Rusty doesn't want to take on any more work.

I think I have a pretty good idea what Clay might do.

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Felix constantly worries that he isn't amounting to anything, even though he's only a freshman in high school.

I slept till dawn.

Could you please tell me how tall you are and how much you weigh?

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We know him to be a brave man.

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He spoke justly and modestly. He spoke about Schleyer, an earlier pioneer of the world-language idea.


Her voice was heard above the noise.


His boss has a good opinion of his knowledge of computers.


This is the best movie I've ever seen.

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

There once were many nymphs and goddesses in the forests and waters.


He bought some rice.

You've lost it.

Don't you have any ambition?

I hear you're studying French with Hal.

They look great.

Here it really feels today like summer has ended.

Fishing is not permitted in this lake.

I think my computer was a tad more expensive than yours.

The more we know about life, the better we can understand what we read.


My dad was a coach.


You can't depend on him to be punctual.

He looks like an honest man.

Barney is so fat he needs two seats on an airplane.

The battery on my cell phone is running low.

Have you ever repaired a TV?

Water transmits sound better than air.

I want an explanation now.

Do I really remind you of Ranjit?

Cris has a son who's a policeman.

Kusum didn't deserve to be fired.

I have a return ticket to Tokyo.


How did you know?

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Carrots and turnips are edible roots.

I have three points on my licence.

You're not going fast enough.


I've lived in Realengo since 1993.

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Everyone is in the living room watching TV.

Susanne now lives in the Cayman Islands.

Really, you are very good.

I went there dozens of times.

Somebody's elbow touched my back.

Owen wants desperately to do the right thing.

I don't hear that often enough.

Cool the burned finger in running water.

Who are your friends?

Do you really mean that?

Have you ever tried to play handball?

I'll get you whatever you want.

That's so weird.


The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others.

You think too much.

Can I count on Richard?

Where can you get tickets?

What if someone sees it?


Lindsey and Toft named their son John.


Look, tomatoes which grew up listening to Mozart!

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We live together now.

He gets his way by throwing his weight around.

After looking at the research, most of us conclude that vaccines are a good thing.


These maps are the key to who will hold how much power in Illinois for 10 years.

She resented his remarks about her poor driving.

I want him on my team.

Which is the best?

I'm old.

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I hope that this isn't a mistake.

Even Ben is surprised that Shirley lied.

Whenever I needed money as a college student, my parents always came through.

I think Troy has never fallen in love.

Nhan glared back at Lee.