You're always tired.

Pablo must've gotten over his cold.


I don't know why no one saw Hartmann.


You'll never know the truth.


John went away without so much as saying good-by.

My son is a better student than I ever was.

We must ask for a broom to sweep the floor.

It sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

Vincent landed himself a really nice job.

That beef is very tender. It just melts in your mouth.

Pratapwant feared the worst.

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"Let me get a sample," and she transferred part to a petri dish.

The lion and the tiger are two different species of cat.

He became active in the Republican Party.

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We could talk about her.

Micheal should've said no.

I don't think Raman is capable of doing that.

Where did you eat last night?

Hatred breeds hatred.


I wanted to know as well.

Carl Sagan gathered information about our planet onto a disk and sent it into space, so that other intelligent beings would find it.

Are you for or against the war?

The police have arrested him.

Clayton dated Jayesh's sister before he dated her.


There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.

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We haven't been able to find anyone to replace Alejandro.

It was Mendel's good fortune that the arrival of the pea weevil postdated the completion of the pea part of his research.

We've got to warn Sjaak about that.

I'm a fucking economist.

He pays Alf well.


Say grace before a meal.

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Lori quietly left the room.

I was asked to wait here.

Laurie is a very hardworking student.

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Can you fix my car?

Dan didn't even protest.

Good lunch.


Varda has been waiting for me outside.

The black and white bears living in the mountains in China and Tibet are called 'pandas'.

If it is fine tomorrow, we will play baseball.

He thinks of everything in terms of money.

Let's live life together!

Does she have a pet?

It feels like it will rain in the afternoon.

This will be my last sentence in English.

My grandson is still a baby.

He flatly turned down our request.

Tell them I'm not in my office today.

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Jarvis was staring at you.


Christophe was never prosecuted.


Doctors are about to repeat the disaster of hormone replacement therapy in women.

There is no telling what may happen next year.

I had to cancel that order because we didn't have enough money to pay for it.

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"Lottery tickets are a waste of money." "Not if you win."

No one knew who she was.

We've done what we could.

Ann chose to live in Boston.

I opened the windows to remove the damp from the room.


I didn't help him escape.

"Its the Legend of Zelda and its really rad, Those creatures from Ganon are pretty bad"

I didn't want to say anything in front of Tanaka.

Avery hates these things.

I told him I was coming.

Just so you know, I'm an FBI agent.

I am a monk.


The key was so rusty that they couldn't use it anymore.


I used to have a girlfriend, but we broke up.

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With one swift kick, the door busted down!

That was pretty peculiar.

Put it in the file.

She loves books too.

Is she still here?


Do you support or oppose this idea?

There was a lot of tension between Hunter and Spy.

The shopping center is one mile ahead.

Anderson and Merril combined their money to buy a present for John.

There is no God and no Buddha.

I'm not living with her anymore.

I like to laugh.

You still aren't sure, are you?

Let's knock on wood so that our dream will come true.

I know you hired me.

Dori didn't reveal his real identity to anyone.

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I intended to succeed, but I could not.

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He has a crush on the girl next door.

I asked Saify why he wanted to study French.

Is money needed?

It doesn't look like Panacea is very busy.

He gave money to each of his sons.

We don't have more time.

A novelty wears off in time.

Marvin's obviously drunk.

Friends is a popular sitcom that first aired in the '90s.

Brad wants to see everybody.

The German Shepherd was limping down the street.


We talked on the telephone.

George W. Bush was the worst president in American history.

You should keep to the regulations.


Please water the flowers.

Coleen told us that he knew the risks.

Please introduce me to the attractive girl who is talking with Rodger.

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Do you think Frank knows how to do that?

I want the other one.

Let's try a small experiment.

Hold on a moment.

The chicken was wonderful.


He talks as if he were an old man.

Do you have earrings on?

He is my junior by three years.

The boss of our company is always on the go.

I still need to buy food for the party.

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That's my stuff.

I've seen you before.

Math is her favorite subject in school.


Roger is going to cry.


I thought you wanted to watch that movie.

One of the two must leave.

Opportunities like this don't come along every day.


Who helped her?

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It'll be cloudy.

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Don't ever forget this rule.

She directed the planning of the project.

It's hard to keep up with them.

He made it plain that he wanted to marry her.

What is the smallest distance ever measured?


I think we have acted in good faith.

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It was a complete flop.

Whenever and wherever I traveled with her, the people there thought she was my sister. Some even thought she was my daughter.

Romain tried to convince Nicolo not to leave.


What's John doing right now?


I can take Mario to the park.


Can you be a Christian and support gay marriage at the same time?

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Reflections could be seen in the puddles.

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Deirdre enjoyed herself.

I figured I could trust her.

Bush followed Reagan as president.

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Raanan caught a wolf and tried to tame it.

How bad do you really want to lose weight?

She is different from her sister in every way.

That's just not possible.

In that country, people worshipped money like a god.


He learned French in school, but he forgot much of it.

We came here to buy headphones.

Annard reminded Winnie about the meeting.

Would you like some aspirin?

I should give this to you.

Have you caught the first toy train?

She tried on a new dress.

What exactly did you find?

Is it difficult to learn French?

Will you give this envelope to Ronni?

I want you to take me to you.

Charlene, put your money away. I'm paying this time.

I regard him as the best person for the job.

I bet only a trace of the world's human population are people with good hearts.

Del left the window open.

How old is your uncle?

She made the same mistake as before.