There's no time to waste.

He could not frame what he felt.

Lila tried to understand.

Go play tennis with her.


Judith gave me a hug.

He made his mark as a writer with his very first novel.

If he is tired, let him go to sleep.

I can manage it.

Wait for me downstairs.

Nhan usually keeps things to himself.

It seems that he knew everything about me.

I assume you're in a hurry.

Mrs. Ogawa is really good at tennis.

Calvin sat down on the bench.

I'm in town for one night only.

We have to be better than that.

Carrots are cheap!

I was born in 1960.

I saw him cry.

He was as good a man as I had thought.

I have been to Australia once when I was in college.

Don't stay too late.

Little did he know what was going on behind his back.


What's really bothering them?

A car is a handy thing to own.

Kolkka loves children.

I'm sorry I didn't return your call right away.

His English is not bad, seeing that he has studied for only two years.

In the book, Hort Town is a rough place where drug use is common.

It's unlikely that that movie will make a lot of money.

He is liked by all even though he has his faults.

Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate.


I know that you feel something for me.

The vocabulary of young people is not so great.

Be quiet, or the baby will wake up.

I want to go with you, but I'm broke.

I'm going to have to get some more money out of the bank.

Some fluid is leaking into our office.

They saw the ship.


Did I say something?

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Could I have the check?

Hirotoshi will lose weight.

Pontus went back to sleep.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.

I haven't had too many problems yet.


Didn't you tell me yesterday that you wouldn't be late today?

Does John want to see a Korean movie?

Why does it make you angry?

You know I'm married.

Poaching is not allowed in national parks.

It seems to me that he is too careless.

Klaus isn't going to object.


I would rather not go there alone.

Yes, I understand!

Every person has a psychological need to feel that what he does is of some importance.


There are many tall buildings.

The question remains unresolved.

You shouldn't complain because you'll look ugly.

One of the suitcases is completely empty.

I think Cathy will like this wine.

He is no longer young.

What does this smell like?

I admit that I was wrong.

He put his money in the bag.

Are we that predictable?

I am clearing my orchard.

She saved a hundred dollars.

I have one brother and two sisters.


You really think so, don't you?

The lighting is poor in this part of the city.

Archie died from his wounds.

What do you have planned for the afternoon?

I love you.


Here's your party.

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Let me call my lawyer.

Laura told me I shouldn't swim there.

Sid has more money than I'll ever earn in my entire life.

You're on your own for lunch.

What more is there to know?

The shorter the proverb, the more questions.

I came to work by bike this morning.

You explained it, didn't you?

With these words, he went away.

Allow me to introduce Mr Kato to you.

He made it to the classes on time.

Look, here comes your mother.

What's the safest way to get to the top of the mountain?


I was late for the last train.


The politician claimed to oppose the conclusion.


She has an extremely expressive singing voice.

I can't believe that that just worked.

He takes snapshots. He doesn't ask people to pose.

Why do all the cool things happen to you?

This is so tasty.

He left everything to chance.

She forgave the boy for his rudeness.


What kind of place is it?

Do you get the feeling that you're causing trouble for those around you?

Joon is the type of person who doesn't usually worry about details.


You're all fired.

This never happened.

I have things to attend to.


There are more than 150 nations in the world.

They dismissed his criticism as hypocrisy.

I think we've just about run out of money.


He combined two ideas into one.


It was really exciting.

All of us stood up.

Lead is easily bent.


Steven is an outspoken person.


When I was a kid I was jerking off in my room, and my mom came in just right at the moment when I was coming.

Jim got down from the tree.

The hot-blooded are prone to heart attacks.


I fed some meat to my dog.

The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

I don't know that there's any great merit in that.

I'm not advocating that.

It's just something I've been thinking about.

I speak nothing but the truth.

She's a lot smarter than she looks.

We know she lives in the city.

It began to appear that she was wrong.

The police intervened in the disturbance.

Daniele may be working late.

I did surprise them.

She damaged a machine.

Losing his wife drove him to steal.

Maurice started going bald in his early thirties.

I only saw Leila once. That was in Boston.

Lou will tell us what we need to know.

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Illness prevented me from going to his concert.

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I cannot agree to your proposal.

Could you tell me where I can get a subway?

Have you ever heard him sing?

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Mr. Wang is Chinese.

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Tell me what you gave Jeff.


The crowd yelled with delight.

Japanese don't talk a lot because they know that what people talk about is usually about themselves, albeit indirectly.

I heard you were having problems at the office.


It is easy to distinguish good from evil.

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With the money Jack won from his lawsuit, he should be able to live on easy street.

That sound is irritating.

Seen from a distance, it looks like a man.

At last, James Bond made it as an actor.

She came here to see me.

On a beach in the south of France, some women were returning from a swim and sunbathing topless. Although at first a little surprised, having come from a country with more conservative customs, Dani decided that if men didn't have to wear a shirt, it was only fair that women shouldn't have to either.

My dream is to become a teacher.

Thank you for commenting on my article.

Up to now, we've never had this problem.


If you were really interested in what I'm saying you wouldn't be staring out of the window.


It was hot inside the tent.


Martha spent thirty years in prison.

How do you do that?

She advised him to visit Boston, because she thought it was the most beautiful city in the world.

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Spacious apartments in Tokyo are hard to come by.


Do you think Toby will go shopping with us tomorrow afternoon?


She is economical of her time.

I'm getting undressed.

Are you here to help me?


That was the first time I was ever alone with Rafik.


Let's order a smaller pizza next time.

He is one of the candidates running for mayor.

We're waiting for the right time.