I have been writing letters all morning.

I won't talk with him anymore.

Hui is too old to work.

Look Morris, it's stopped raining!

You don't look that good.

Can you just tell me now, so I don't have to come back tomorrow?

If there even are people more beautiful than you, there won't be many of them.

Choose whatever you want.

He filed a complaint.

That's quite understandable.


He is neglecting his health.

Mom and dad came back home.

Jayant went to bed right after supper.


Haven't you been listening?


The day turned fine after all.

Is that who I think it is?

The leaders of the Union agitated for higher wages.

The defendant pleaded guilty.

The island was struck by the typhoon.

Through which states does the longest river in Texas run ?

I ducked just in time to avoid the punch aimed at me.

Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

He hates raw onions.

The peacock (Inachis io) is a beautiful and easily recognizable butterfly.

We fast-forwarded the film.

I've got quite a lot of hats.

Everyone did a fabulous job.

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No one can know.


May you return home safe!

Sergeant took a break.

I didn't want to go to your wedding.


Marriage is a lifelong commitment.

For the time being I want to work at that bookstore.

Please be quiet. They are studying for a very difficult exam.

My grandmother cannot see.

It is up to parents to teach their children manners.

We got an interesting piece of information.

My mother doesn't know how to ride a bicycle.

Sir had to go there by himself.

Put Michiel to work.

Were you born there?

Do you need an extra blanket?


The game of pinball involves directing a little steel ball onto ramps and into holes with a pair of flippers.

I mentioned it to him.

Pontus must've been the one who added Jon's name to the list.

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Where is the nearest store?

Let's congratulate him.

Seth fell and hurt himself.

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Roman is neatly dressed.


It is better to stay in than go out.

My father was still at home when I left.

My mother had none of the mod cons which are available to today's housewives.

Paola is a strong kid.

Rhonda did a fabulous job.

More than 50 people died from the recent eruption. Volcanic rocks struck some victims in the head.

Children, fools and drunkards tell the truth.

I think you owe me ten dollars.

I have a decision to make.


Lo and behold.


How do I get to Grafton Street from here? Is it far?


Kumi is the girl whose father likes dogs.

Water freezes at zero Celsius, right?

He has experience as well as knowledge.


Do they have a computer?

The children are playing marbles.

I only used it once.

Soohong gave it to me.

I knew I had to finish the report before noon.

As you have a fever, you'd better stay home.

Woody couldn't decide whether to go or stay.

I remember singing that song long ago.

Cindie studied music theory.

Jeans go with everything.

I figured you must be hungry by now.

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Why did Louie do it?

Germans have no sense of humor? I don't find that funny.

I drew back the curtain.


I hate ticks!

What makes you think that way?

Don't fail to mail this letter.

I'm just going to use wet wipes, since I can't actually wash my hands yet.

Do you like running?

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Good morning, sweetheart.

Above the moon, everything is eternal; below, there is nothing save mortality.

If it's too much for you to handle, then you don't have to do it.

Manny was drinking at a bar with Ranjit at the time the police think that John was murdered.

Many people in my grandfather's generation grew up on farms.

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Francis used to come to see me at least once a month.

The train is packed today.

He failed in spite of his great efforts.

Sanand joined our company three years ago.

Kathleen and I had dinner together when you and Dennis were visiting Boston.

He is wearing a green women's robe.

I'm sick of her excuses.

You didn't happen to get his name, did you?

Can you explain the way to me?


Can I have a rain check?


Rathnakumar never backed down.


You should return all the library books before the end of the year.

How many hours of sleep do you get every night?

What is the cheapest restaurant around here?


Aimee married a girl much younger than himself.

Have you a room to let in this house?

My mother and father are sending me to Boston for the summer to visit my cousins.

Kerri had an unusual thirst for knowledge.

They are pleased with your work.

Is Kevyn confident?

The scrolling text on the display of my Internet radio gives me information about the selected station and the running program.

They're engaged.

She has to go shopping in the afternoon.

The lights were out.

Where did all the money go?


How's your diet kick?

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It was Angus's idea to sell our house.


Jerald invested in the stock because the financial advisor fooled her.

She stirs the soup regularly.

Japanese and American forces were still fighting bitterly.

Hurry only if you have a time-dependent objective or destination.

It was Lisa that taught me how to do this.

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Most everything has been improved.

We're pretty good at this.

Why can't you do what you're told?

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You must study English hard.

He broke his word.

Everyone felt sorry for me.


Naomi gave me a dozen cookies in a plastic bag.

The following images are not for the faint of heart.

I've been drinking.

Sally is two years older than Ken.

It is not uncommon for kayakers to be surprised by a pod of whales.

Let's see if we can get their attention.

Roads in the country aren't as busy as those in the city.

There were flies everywhere.

Dori is tall, but not as tall as me.

They are suffering financial difficulties.

Polly is fitted to become a businessman.


One day he will be mine.

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Turn around!

Go / Walk as far as that house and then stop / stand there !

My daughter wants to teach in high school.


I can't be doing with that.

Let's get back inside.

Blayne is getting antsy.


Tai has been hitting the books.


Did Shyam call?

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Bob was very happy.

She used to be rather shy but since she went to University she has really blossomed.

I am not all too certain of my position.

King is much shorter than Toufic is.

Kerri is the fastest runner in our class.


I once saw a tennis game in which a line umpire ruled that the ball was in and the chair umpire reversed his decision.


This isn't exactly helping.


I know it was strange.

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Do you believe in miracles?

The little girl is blowing into a trumpet.

Jan just moved into a new apartment.


We've got a lot of things to do first.


A dog has four legs.

The entire book was written by hand.

Did you fall in love with her at first sight?