On Friday nights, I often go eat pizza with my friends.

What is your least favorite language?

Miltos did that three months ago.

It's absolutely true.

I have a great esteem for you.

Sjaak caught the ball with his left hand.

With joy and shame, she blushed to her ears.

Sooner or later, she'll get over the shock.


Let's not invite them.

Heidi's important.

I think my Japanese is really bad.

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My father is a civil engineer.

That boy often breaks our windows with a ball.

Come, Emilia! Your father is waiting for you.

I thought I told you not to come here.

I wonder if Morgan knows what's going to happen.

Don't put words in my mouth that I haven't said.

I don't want to keep doing this.

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They just stared at Jock.

Has she got a phone?

What a charming girl you are!


Fuckin' asshole!


Herb held his hands over his ears.


He was the son of a wealthy merchant.

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Do I look like your maid?


How did Rob accomplish that?

I want you to see these.

I was hurt and upset.


Tim, are you a dog person or a cat person?

Words of abuse poured from his lips.

Hsuan should be fired immediately.

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We all cried when we watched the movie.

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You're going to do just fine.

She's eleven years old.

Dad is coming home tomorrow.

That dry-cleaning business is a front for the mob.

We know this is hard for you.

Your dog is very fat.

I think that's pretty fantastic.

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It's a very challenging racetrack.


Lenny speaks with a lisp.


We should get along just fine.

That swimsuit looks really good on you.

You're loaded.

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It's not real.

Where is my luggage?

Did you want to join us?


Isn't his name Barry?

You shouldn't read such useless books.

Can't you stay with me?


That just sounds stupid.

You will do as you're told.

I'd be willing to do anything to get that job.

Spock said that he thought Nichael was still living with her parents.

Woody waited until I got there.

"Are you going to go to Ofer's concert?" "I most certainly am."

Next, I'd like to sing a song I wrote.

That was a total disaster.

I was as surprised by Ssi's arrest as you were.


There's no better pillow than his chest.


Dewey sat under the tree, reading an old book from the nineteenth century.


Why didn't you call a doctor?

Tor kept talking about Ginny.

I went to the park this morning.

I always have a good supply of tissues in my pockets.

I think it is about time we changed our ways of disposing of waste.

Does this thing embarrass you?

Betty cannot keep any secret to herself for a long time.

Tor lay on the couch sound asleep.

I should've checked Sherman's references.

They helped him get to Canada.

He has just arrived at New Tokyo International Airport.

Did you kiss Alfred?

He meditated on the problem of good and evil.

There are a lot of things that need to be done that can't be done until tomorrow.

You must promise not to tell anyone.

I wonder what Cole is planning to do.

She looks young for her age.

Where would you like me to put this?

These are my books.


You'll be very impressed.

What's your recommendation?

He's a little taller than you are.

The very salty soup is bad.

Since you do a lot of commuting, it stands to reason that using a smaller car would save you money at the pump.

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I think it helps to learn to pronounce words.


Please feel free to make suggestions.

Its neck and head were very soft.

Thad had no idea who Joni's father was.

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That's how I met your mother.

I want to be an actress.

My memory is failing.


The dog was killed on the spot.

I want you to give this package to Danny.

It's been a terrible day.


This piece of music is way too difficult for me to play.

This book is surprisingly easy to read, isn't it?

When he was 15, he ran away from home.

Miriam didn't want to admit that he was scared.

You have to take that into account.

Why exactly did you tell Brent you wanted my help?

The storm didn't abate for several hours.

Anything new today?

Where's your school?


He is punctual in keeping appointments.

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Marsha doesn't like you very much either.

They made a terrible racket.

I want to talk in Lojban.

My wife has the strange habit of pilfering wads of toilet paper from public restrooms.

I dive almost every day.


Look what happened to them.

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After rain comes fair weather.

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We want the government to serve the entire population.

The political circumstances in the country got worse and worse.

It's really funny.

His speech was intolerably dull.

What does the cat want?

He likes cantaloupe.

I love Christmas music.

He looks well.

Maybe there's something wrong.

Lorry is good at swimming.

I don't need advisers.

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The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.

We're only friends.

Let's make some more.

I took a bus so I wouldn't be late for my appointment.

I wonder where I put my glasses.


She's busy now and can't speak to you.


Alberto cried as he read Tal's letter.


I don't care who Tran gives this to.

The sand was so hot that it burned our feet.

Brender made a very big mistake, didn't he?

Everyone likes Fumio because he is honest.

You must have some nerve to ignore _me_.

I've never seen you wear a hat.

There's a big gunfight in the middle of the movie and the sheriff gets killed.

I'm fucked up.

He was starting to lose hope.


Should we wait here for him?

I'll swim with them tomorrow.

How was The?

Shakespeare is the greatest poet that England has produced.

Why are you there?

Knut wanted to understand.

I love that restaurant.

The clouds are getting darker; it's going to rain.

I think this is a dream.

Is there anything that you want to tell me?

Even though her salary is low, she works hard for that company.


Voters must not be corrupted.

Don't pick your nose.

I ran into my teacher just as I left the store.

Eddy told me you were happy.

We know that we are closer to monkeys than to rodents. Similarly cats and dogs are closer to one another than to cows or pigs.

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I work at a bar.

Of the two of them, one heads east and one heads west.

I've had enough to eat.

We can help him now.

Don't get excited. It's nothing.

I've always wanted to visit Boston.

Lee did it in spite of all the difficulties.