She seldom, if ever, goes to bed before eleven.

My nose has been broken three times.

I want you to leave for Boston on a plane tomorrow.

Don't pressure her.

I had little choice.

They sent some people to live on the planet.

I'm afraid for his life.

Amir bought 30 gallons of gas.

Same sex marriage is now legal in 20 countries worldwide, including Ireland as of yesterday.

As Beth wiped tears from her face, she rushed home.

What've they done to you?

How does that actually work?

I'm allowing all attacks except on vital organs.


My father bought me the book.

Nadeem should've stayed and helped us clean up.

If only she had been home when I called yesterday.

And I would not be standing here this evening without the unyielding support of my best friend for the past 16 years, the cornerstone of our family, the love of my life, the First Lady of the nation, Michelle Obama.

Ninja looked at the thermometer on his dashboard.


The ship was not damaged.


Tell Cristopher that when he's finished, he can leave.

Welcome to Boston, everybody.

The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry.

Mongo and Nanda got along very well.

He has written five books so far.

Bea narrowly escaped being hit.

He has a fear of the knife.


Kris didn't seem surprised to see me.

An emergency may occur at any time.

Where can I exchange money?

She called out to him, with tears running down her cheeks.

Don't let your emotions rule you. Be calm!


We have many things in common: hobbies, educational background, and so on.


These things aren't needed anymore.

Stacey spent all weekend reading a historical novel.

Where is Room 105?

Can you see anything in there?

Carolyn put the diary in the drawer.

I want to know where they hid the money.

I thought something was odd.

I'd like to eat breakfast with you.

I love to watch baseball and football.


You have to hurry up so you'd catch the last train.

It takes time to get to know Michel.

Has Gunnar given the go-ahead?


I didn't realize you were here.


I can get a gun for you within five hours.


I'm going to stay here with Wes.

The second lesson is very simple.

Amanda is nothing but trouble.

They won't risk doing that.

He did it out of kindness.

Our relationship is very intimate and loving.

If Shel doesn't eat this, please give it to Angus.


I forgot to mention it to Dieter.

Shall we drink to that?

He turned his mind to it.

Should I take that as a compliment?

Christofer was wearing a vintage skirt and a wool hat.

I need to study.

What's the name of the girl we saw at the festival?

You need to get help.

I see you've got your appetite back.

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Turn off the damn camera!

I'm likely to be here all afternoon.

Carisa was in a traffic accident on his way to school.

I hired her.

Next time, I will wear boots!

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Some gum stuck to his shoes.


Ann began attending AA meetings regularly.

Did you say yes?

I am not without my shortcomings, but these shortcomings can easily be amended.

We left our wives.

If my wife calls, just tell her I'm in an important meeting and cannot be disturbed.


The dog's house is outside.

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No casualties were reported.

I haven't seen one of these in years.

Who's going to clear up all this mess?

Jean wasn't looking forward to this.

How will Joel react?

Life is so important for him.

My shoes are brown.


Oscar definitely had enough time to get the job done.

It's going to be great to get a good night's sleep without worrying about Jerald anymore.

I should probably let Dewey sleep a little longer.

To the Hilton Hotel, please.

I misunderstood.

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You don't want to get me in trouble, do you?

I'm not sure what's wrong with the car.

I am a Japanese high school girl.

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I simply don't love her.

I am a student who likes going to school.

He has lived here for one week.

What's the name of this street, please?

These sentences are strange.


I couldn't do anything about that.

Raul will lose weight.

Two pictures were doubled.

The worst thing about spring is the mud.

Each person or small group had to build their own boat.


We've got to get out of here somehow.


People often refer to themselves in the third person when talking to children.

I used to stay up late when I was a high school student.

Are you sure we have enough money to buy everything?


This is the house Jayant grew up in.

I saw his former employer at a conference.

I cannot fill my pitcher with water. It's cracked.


Jitendra couldn't solve the problem, could he?

I'm studying English.

Kirk wants to change that.

It's not you I'm worried about.

Who have you been talking to?


I assume Harvey and Polly weren't at your party.

I have read every book on the shelf.

Which is the most populated continent in the world?

You should be grateful.

There's nobody in your room.

No one lives in that building.

I hope Jean's not too mad at me.

Kamel died a number of years ago.

Rob used to go to parties.

I'm on my way to see her.

I thought she was going to cry.

You're absolutely right about that.

Japanese plays an important role in promoting world peace.

Which is taller, Ken or Taro?

What size shoes do you wear?

I find interest in the social page in that newspaper.

Don't get too excited.


Alice went to bed at ten.

There is a waterfall above the bridge.

Everything smells so delicious.

Don't talk to strangers.

Miriam turned on the car radio.

I think he really likes me.

Is it okay if I borrow these books?

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I spend at least three hours a week studying French.


I didn't have a very good time.

Why do you need change?

Who ran for president that year?


I'm afraid I can't do that. Leaving the cooker while frying is completely out of the question.


Elliot is freaky.

Think walked through the living room in her pink robe.

I don't know. You'll have to ask.

You could see the elation in the president's face when he announced that our shares are going to be listed on the First Section of the TSE next year.

How do we know that he is who he says he is?


You should've told me about what Kees did.

You can't keep Tandy from going to work tomorrow.

Roads were overflowing with humanity.

Johan wanted to quit practicing law.

The man was arrested as a spy.


Who needs that old furniture?

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Can't we just go?

His words went to my heart.

Dean promised Marco that he'd help her.


Can you recommend a hotel near the airport?

Ken wants to know how long you plan to be in Boston.

I am sure she can have no objection.

The teacher assuaged some work to every child.

Nobody could make that work.

Are you telling me to stop?

What did you watch?

This is the restaurant where she worked.

I don't have as much money as I used to have.

Hsuan's hair is turning gray.

She accompanied him on the piano.