You are well aware that Austria has no coast.

You must not indulge in drinking.

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I never knew what purpose would living forever serve, but now I know, that it would be useful to give us the possibility of learning English.

I saw the sponge in the sink.

I suppose she's got a point.

People who laugh a lot are much happier than those who don't laugh very much.

Give this copy to him.


You have so much potential.

I repair computers almost every day.

I'm so lost.

Did you have any idea this was happening?

His shadow on the wall looked sad.

I can't tell you how good it is to see you again.

Do you live in Sasayama?


I don't think I'll pass this exam.


I don't think we should wait any longer.

Who hit Kusum?

Sherri got a big promotion.


I've had the same problem myself.

We must inform them.

Aren't you glad Lui isn't here?

I will give you whatever you want.

You can say anything you want about me, but don't say anything bad about Jonathan.

What do you want him for?

Florian doesn't really understand French.

Tell them this is hopeless.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


I'm afraid you have dialed a wrong number.


It was easy for them to find a hotel.

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Al will be all right.

May I have an ice bag?

This is also rather short.

The son asked a question of his mother.

Can you extend your holiday by a few days?

Can I have some more candy?

I don't care what you do with your money.

We had a wonderful meal together.

How many apple trees are there in your orchard?

I sent you a note.

I have been writing this manuscript for a year.

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Where are the luggage carts?


I need to call the embassy.

I had a telephone call from her.

Brad is a schemer.

My head starts to hurt when I think about how annoying Chris is.

Did you just call me your boyfriend?


Hydropower is a renewable resource.


The story was handed down from father to son.

I'm only trying to help you.

Both my sisters are coeliacs.

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The steam shovels dug down three stories on one side and four stories on the other side.

I cannot forbid a person to marry several wives, for it does not contradict Scripture.

Susan is majoring in American history.

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There were lots of bundles, but they weren't thousand-dollar bills.

I wrote this song for Kelly.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

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The destiny of Kate and Billy ceaselessly haunted the author, weighed down by his own powerlessness to assume it.

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At no time does the plain look so perfect as in early autumn.

I'm always hungry.

Let's get out of Douglas's way and let him do what needs to be done.

I'd like to help you, but I'm a bit busy right now.

According to Canadian law the mother tongue is the first language a child learns in the home, provided that he or she still understands this language at the time of the census.

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It would rain just when I wanted to go out.


She made her mother happy.

The foreigner spoke Japanese as if it were her mother tongue.

I will prepare a little tea.

A light morning breeze was blowing across the road.

You seem to be in love.

He is popular with his men.

I had fun while it lasted.

Lori told Tigger this would happen.

He is a great lover of music.

I have to brush up my French before I go to Paris to study.

I won't play because I've twisted my ankle.


I wrote a lot in my diary yesterday.

Ron shot at the deer but missed.

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising 2 to 3 times faster than temperatures farther south.

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He told a good joke.


You're very, very lucky.

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Let's quit.

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I fly to Italy.

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Amy goes to the market only if Rebecca goes to the market.

I refuse to be taken in by her guile.

I'll certainly be sad if he dies.

I've got a message for her.

Which is the platform for the London train?

I'm not going to let this happen.

I often wish I'd been born a man.

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"What's your poison?" "Oh, give me a gin and tonic."

The mother said little to the sons.

Annard likes Mexican food.

Would you mind waiting a few minutes?

It'll be handled.


It is very hard to get rid of cockroaches from our house.

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A son must obey his father.


They are a party of six.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security.

Rex apologized for wasting our time.

Celeste has three beautiful daughters.

I'm obligated to fix this.

She cannot have been ill.

The Tomei Expressway connects Tokyo with Nagoya.

It doesn't seem right.

I recall feeling so good at that time.

I pointed this out to him.

Our club will hold its monthly meeting next Wednesday.

The disadvantage of excellent insulation is that it quickly leads to overheating.

Thanks all the same.


He was invited.

I'll catch a ride with Loren.

Had it not been for his help, I couldn't have finished the report.

Nothing is going his way.

How big is your yard?

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Does he have money?

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We have to find out where Spencer is.

I'm here to learn.

We need to speak to her.


Music moves the feelings.

We are too busy at the moment.

We are worried about where he is now.

Will you keep this seat for me?

This raises a most interesting question: how long does it take to starve to death?

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"A passionate kiss scene in a school corridor ... I've heard all about it!" "It wasn't passionate! That's an exaggeration..."

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Don't talk to me about respectability. I know every shady thing you've ever done. It would be a shame if the world were to ever find out about them.


Son said he had blue balls.

Romain used to practice the piano three hours every day.

He won't bite.


Kee isn't sure how to react.

That sounds pretty bad.

I love this picture.


My beard grows quickly.

I wonder why Ramanan just didn't ask us to help.

There were books lying about the room.

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I am unsettled about the news.

The Mormons have outlawed polygamy, but some adherents still practice it.

Put your wig back on.


My son is tired of hamburgers.

Saskaviy has learned to create a web-page.

You should've learned that in school.

The earthquake came upon the islands.

I wonder if Marci knows how much I love her.

Is there anything I can do for you now?

I have climbed Mt. Fuji before.


I want you to meet someone.

He has a fast internet connection.

Stupidity is no excuse.

I'll be sure to tell him that.

Can't we fire him?

I don't want to interrupt Julia.

Please read after me.

Granville peered inside.

She competed against many fine athletes.

I'm overly self-conscious.

I'm doing this for you.

She's double-jointed.

I can walk to school in half an hour.

Janet bought a skirt and a blouse.

We were late.

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Let us ask each other.