Bradford was off duty this afternoon.

Love is a comedy in France, a tragedy in England, an opera in Italy, and a melodrama in Germany.


Simon hates rules.

While I understand what you are saying, I cannot do accordingly.

Would you like to go out and get something to eat?

The fundamental character traits of this woman were pride, decisiveness, and courage.

You are a bad person.

They didn't book the holiday, but I don't think they will have any problems.

This is a disaster.

My father is very much involved in the stock market now.

Travelling is interesting and funny.

I'll do this.

I didn't realize we had a meeting scheduled.


Having once tasted ink, she became thirsty in that regard, as tame tigers are said to be after tasting another sort of fluid, and wanted to sign everything, and put her name in all kinds of places.

I would like to but I have a required course tonight.

He exhibited no remorse for his crime.

I dislike cruelty, even cruelty to other people, and should therefore like to see all cruel people exterminated.

I like to advise people.

Until recently I have been an early riser for the last six years.

I might talk to him.

Metin told me that he could live off his savings for a while if he lost his job.

Do you want to go have a meal together later?


When I was young, I would often watch baseball.


It's not just that.

The man hit me on the head.

Donna has a list of people who helped.

Sundar has to get to the hospital.

It's difficult, isn't it?

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People are waiting on this.

The zipper is stuck.

I want you to get out of town.

The bank has already closed.

He's always breaking into our conversation.

That's clearly not true.

After their quarrel, she called it quits.

Randolph just lost his job.

Shall we make candy or something today?

I fail to see what's so amusing.

For a wise person one word is enough!

Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach today.

You worked more than I did.

Kazuhiro played the guitar and everyone sang.

Don't talk to him while he's studying.


God always measures.

I closed the gate.

I know exactly the one you're talking about.

I might like to follow her lead.

She sells seashells at the seashore.

The party ended with a speech by the host.

I thought you didn't want to talk to us.

He turned his mind to it.

From your lips to God's ears!

It is Sunday.

I think the only problem I have now is being shut in at home.

The young girl laughed carelessly.

I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

What makes you think I'm going to resign?

Ramsey left his house before dawn.

Jack is fast asleep in bed.

Does Wade work here?

Barbra was afraid of the prospect of failure.

I'll go at three, or rather at a quarter past three.

You don't seem so hungry.

I am the state.

That's from Clara, isn't it?

Doctors say that children who were breastfed are usually healthier.


Don't harass them.

The roof lets in rain.

I needed a little air.

For gall bladder surgery, go down this hall and take a right.

Martin is wearing a neck brace.


The bridge gave way.


I hate myself for hating them.

Maybe you can get Lila to tell Craig that.

What have you eaten today?


A bird is known by its song, and a man by his words.

I'm really happy.

I have to start somewhere.


Somebody threw a brick through my window.

That's a subject I know nothing about.

Why do you want to go to Turkey?


I once rivaled him for the championship.

I have a nodding acquaintance with him.

The news shocked me.


The official tongue of Grenada is English.

You'll become a teacher.

He took out a piece of chalk.


Will you join our baseball club?

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Two men are trying to get a handle on what's wrong with the car.


He can't control himself.

He forgot to buy a present for her.

We still have a lot to do.

Many politicians don't keep their promises.

I searched for my father's false teeth at the lost and found, but had no luck.


From year to year they were growing poorer.


My software never has bugs. It just has random features.


After dark clouds, you get periods of refreshing clear weather.

It is ten minutes before eleven.

Isabelle is extremely skeptical.

The man got up and smoked.

The argument weighed with him.

I am a bad sailor.

Would you like to earn some extra money?


I don't want you to be upset.

Sometimes, you think too much.

Have you known them long?

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This is a photograph of my painting.

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He is staying here with a view to learning Japanese.

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Marie invited them to dinner.

Who's this Pierre you always talk about?

Nobody knows how the fire started.

If you don't remind me, I'll probably forget.

It could be a hoax.

Tell the truth to Archie.

Can you shed any light on this?

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Do you think we can find someone to replace Christian?

Life isn't all roses and sunshine.

Klaus feels sorry for Saad.


The kids have had enough of your rules.


He is one of the business leaders in Japan.

Cindy had no idea where he was.

The company is trying to improve its image.


Jussi wasn't too careful.

He warned his sister about that man.

I've done the job two months in advance.

Brender looks conflicted.

What did Theodore talk to Dimetry about?



I wrote a song about it.

It makes no fucking sense.

The business deal may tell in our favor.

The old woman is a doctor.


If Cleopatra's nose had been a little lower, the history of the world might have been different.

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Thanks, I'm full.


This theater seats several hundred people.

What he says sounds very sensible to me.

Tell her you can't do it.

Rakhal works here.

Noam is in surgery now.

I hope that John comes.

He had fallen in love with her.


I thought we were just having drinks.

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The room was littered with scraps of paper.

Emily's accusations are false.

We're going out for dumplings in the evening, all right?

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John picked up the articles one by one and examined them.


Malware? This word will be a hit. It could become the word of the decade and, why not, of the century.

Can you make it?

This test doesn't have a time limit.

I lost my driving license.

Don't waste your breath on Indra.

I'm not going to tell you my name.

Wes and Maria dressed up as the Evil Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood for Rosenmontag.


Do you know what the real problem is?


I told you you'd like them.


I don't like it when you get mad.

I think that's a good idea.

How did Israel get away?

I don't know why Kriton is always complaining.

If there is a lot of traffic in the streets, we say in English that the traffic is heavy.

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We amused ourselves by playing games.