Don't look at this!

Huashi still doesn't know where he's going to go next summer.


This house will not sell as it stands.

She is fond of playing tennis.

He wants to impart his wisdom to you.


This car comes with free satellite radio.

I didn't ignore Eddy.

That woman over there is Ana.

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Though he dieted, he still could not lose weight.


I was able to win the first prize.

Don't you like your job anymore?

I'm not jealous of her.

I haven't seen them since.

I think it isn't possible for us to make up for lost time.


I can't imagine life without music.

The ship is called "Lost Ship."

He awaits his examination results so he can choose an appropriate course at University.


He wrote one letter.

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Something went wrong.

Rudolph hasn't yet done what we've asked him to do.

I'm not always home on Sundays.

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I wasn't always happy.

My mother passed away recently.

We can't even be certain that it was Cynthia's voice we heard.

Can she ride a bike?

The office is dark.

I've just been to the post office to send a package.

He took advantage of me.

I can't do anything but obey him.

How much time will she spend at Pierre's?

This could be dangerous.

He wouldn't give his name.


Susan asked Dimitry to marry him.

Why do people dye their hair?

Your eyes are red with crying.

Consider yourself lucky.

This coat looks loose on me.

I wish you could've heard Jeannie sing.

Luis doesn't want to travel alone.

Just go to your room.

I was following a hunch.


We know each other so well that we can almost read each other's minds.

It's obvious he's wrong.

I just wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong.

Prices have been rising since last year.

We entered the restaurant and had lunch.

The weather in April is unstable.

Will Jared stay or will he leave?

Why isn't Sorrel ever interested in anything I do?

Can you save Thierry?

He told me a lot about Kyoto as he knew it ten years ago.

It was a horrible idea.

You talk so fast I can't understand a word you say.

The poor man eats when he can, but the rich man eats when he wants.

I would like to confirm the following for our meeting at our office on February 27.

The womb has no ears.

When I reached the classroom, she was already gone.

We should be safe here.

You're getting worse.

We had a sound sleep.


Coleen slept an hour.

Marsha forgot to buy milk.

The policeman is in the car.

My flash drive isn't being recognized.

The receptionist said to come right in.

Get up early.

You need to be more careful next time.

A dog is happy that you're back. A cat is mad that you were gone.

Please don't get up.

Are you honest?

Can we stop there?

Look at those black clouds.

Please hand in the papers at the entrance.

I work long hours.

I'll wait until you finish the work.

My grandfather was pretty tall.

The only problem is what to do when things go wrong at work, now that I can't bite my nails any more.


The horse's flanks are hurt.


What's the emergency?

What is the warranty period?

What are the main products of this country?

They all watched.

The professors can make mistakes, too.

I'll bring wine.

Colin lives in a small town not too far from Boston.


Audrey certainly talks a lot.

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His mother compelled him to do his homework.


I just want to talk a minute.

I majored in psychology.

I dreamed that I was buying this guitar.

Jenine has been at it a while.

You should cancel your trip.


I'll be in the kitchen.

You're right, no doubt about it.

Carole is one of my technicians.

I can only afford to make a partial payment.

We used to compete furiously in college.

Mommy is not home at the moment.

How can I ever repay you?

A time will come when you will regret your action.

Mutual understanding promotes peace.


I've done crazier things than this.

We cannot respect such a great man too much.

Have you made sure the door is locked?

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What made her angry?

Root is late.

Jurevis wants to know how you're going to get here.

This is sickening.

Many people are against the bill.

I am from Brazil.

I bought a new pair of glasses.


He is a partner in crime.

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?

We'll pay you for it.

It's fried shit.

The oil is discharged at Tokyo port.

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All of us speak Hungarian.

I'll buy that old clock, however expensive it is.

That's why Trent got up early.

He became blind because of the accident.

what did you do yesterday.


Come back.

We were beside ourselves with joy.

You mustn't let the other person notice that you flinched.

Mwa knows he will be punished.

I'm used to being teased for being vegan.

What marvelous work he's doing, donating books to needy children!

John helped himself to several pieces of pie without asking.


Such employments as warfare, politics, public worship, and public merrymaking, are felt, in the popular apprehension, to differ intrinsically from the labour that has to do with elaborating the material means of life.

Do you really think that your plan is realistic?

Lum's the most beautiful girl I've ever actually talked to.


You should've expected us.

We've lost faith in humanity.

You look kind of like Jesse.

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My master inflicted hard work on me.


Marcia looked grim when I told her the story.

Was Nazism peculiar to Germany?

French is not an easy language.

Today is a sunny day.

We become wiser with aging.

I'm working on that.

Elizabeth still hasn't shaved.


I had a glass of beer to quench my thirst.

There were cotton candy vendors in the shrine.

She works hard.

I'm concerned whether or not I can handle a big job like that.

Matt shouldn't have come here.


They are fighting.

I'm gonna make my first mischief.

She arrived on time. I arrived in time.

I know you hate carrots.

We shot them.


If you're tired, go to bed already.

Seeing you is a rare treat.

I haven't yet seen that happen in Boston.

The old woman was nearly run over.

What an incredible show!


There are good grounds for the view that Paris was the scene of frequent riots even before the revolution of 1789.


There goes my class teacher.

Spring is here.

Don't talk about yourself like that.

She is nice.

I like to remind my mother of those days.

I definitely want to do that.

You took me to the cleaners.

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Is this your idea of fun?

Earnie looked pretty healthy last night.

Don't you have a driver's license?