Rebel forces prepared to fight.

You must be a good walker to have walked all the way.

I saw the way she was looking at you.

The octopus wrapped itself around its prey.

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That made her uncomfortable.

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I can take it or leave it.

He's a nonsmoker.

I'm doing just fine.


Get out of my kitchen.

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I told Edgar it was his only option.

I'm happy the game is over.

I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself.

We weighed one opinion against the other.

We exchanged phone numbers.

I guess she really loves me.

Here's some food for thought.

There were a few children in the room.

We do not know him.


You never tell me anything.

We are wasting time.

He does not know how to solve the problem.

I would voluntarily help you, but I'm occupied at the moment.

I will do it on condition that you support me.

Looks like his mom.

How could Hotta have fallen in love with Lord so quickly?


You found him, didn't you?


As long as you're here, you'd better take a bath.

Everyone's very excited.

I'm glad we won.

It does not follow.

We played on the same soccer team.

I don't want to leave you alone with Anna.

The bell rang, and the train began to move.


Mayo is a planner.

I'm in a little bit of trouble.

Please serve the guests some coffee, dear.


Whose turn is it to pay?

Her birthday is May 5th.

I hope the conviction will be confirmed.

I'm not judging you.

You're becoming sweet.

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I finally got through the test.

Marsh should've said no.

What time do you take a bath in the morning?


I'll shoot him a PM.

She failed every time she tried.

A new book expected to come out this semester is about how to avoid financial problems in difficult times.

George is in his office waiting.

We must work together to build a better world.

There were two small cakes.

She wants to go back to college.

I didn't get fired.

Not one was left alive.

We should get out of the house.

The food was not fit for man or beast.


Can you ice skate?

Their job is to mop the office.

I'm calling the cops unless you leave right now.


Have you kissed Naresh yet?


I can't draw a bird.

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You should've been here.

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We're not bad people, Cyrus.

I didn't see your car outside.

The train leaves at nine, arriving there at ten.

I suggest that you start a behavioral therapy in order to cure yourself of your obsession with comas.

Those kids need our help.

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When I get home I'm always like: Clothes? Take them off me! Take them off me!

They need more time.

Which way is Suyog's room?

I have not heard from Rahul in two weeks.

Later, we'll visit the aquatic park.

It's very nutritious.

They have a problem.


Griff was wrong yesterday.

I go as often as I can.

Where can I go surfing around here?

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Why should I worry about you?

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Can you please come fix it?

I have no idea how he escaped.

She's about my age.

He finally hit upon a solution to his problem.

I just heard an interesting story about Monica.


Turn the TV down, please.

I think it is necessary for children to have something to play with.

I wanted your feedback.

I didn't take your money.

Even Tad didn't know the answer.

I just made Curt partner.

Red wine does not go well with fish.

Jeannette turned into a parking lot.

I thought you were going to be gone all afternoon.


Are you having second thoughts?

Seymour was the only one who noticed what happened.

Bells will ring in memoriam of those who have died.


You have to unpack your luggage for customs inspection.

Everyone called me Cindy.

Masanobu is still on the phone.

Roxanne chose to spend Christmas with Lisa rather than with his family.

Too many children have died.


Sorry, my mistake.

Henry used to work for the government.

I wonder how figure-skaters are able to keep from being dizzy when they spin really fast.

How busy could Marcos be?

Looks like she broke her promise.


We both know that it's no big deal.


Is that good or bad for me?

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You understand French, don't you?


The snow's a foot deep.

Claude suggested we go to a movie.

Graeme is attractive.

There was a momentary pause.

A lot of guys ignore the laugh.

Mankind will succeed in using nuclear energy peacefully.

Don't drink this water.

Upon receiving your Certificate of Eligiblity, please come to the Japanese Embassy in London.

I've been looking forward to playing music with you.

Cyber activists want to meet with the Supreme Leader.

Niall says it's important for us to be there tomorrow.


Every night, we all gaze up at the magnificent starry sky above us thinking about the vastness and the expanse of space... it really is quite a bit to take in.

We didn't take anything home.

We have physical education.

This book is of great use.

The world rests on the back of a great turtle.

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I wouldn't want to die here.

The troops were retired from the front lines.

Everyone was delighted by this morning's headlines.

Can I have a minute?

Do you happen to know when Axel is coming?

He needs a new knee.

I can't give him these.

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Rafael doesn't want to come.

Her good looks gained her the favor of many men.

I wish I'd called her.

By the way, do you think that when you die that's it?

I joined the Navy.

If only I were such a beautiful and talented person.

There is no telling what time he will come.


I already know what I wanted to know.

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His new car is a real beauty.

They could not pay the money they owed.

How can I reach him?


Send it to me now.

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Where did the accident happen?


Mosur is probably more interested in Mitchell than in you.


All Americans have to pay their taxes.


Sassan tried to explain the situation to Piercarlo.

Samuel poured the tomato soup in his mug and drank it.

Even superheroes need an occasional break.


Andrea can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine.

Emil will be in later.

There is no satisfying spoiled children.


That seems like a reasonable price.

Except for this mistake, this is a good report.

Which are the best ones?

My husband got the hots for a Canadian and is threatening me with divorce.

Some Japanese wives are content to leave their husbands alone.


This probably won't end all of our problems.


Can you do a headstand?