The soldiers were dissatisfied with the government.

Jiri and Scott were tried separately.

Why do I have to do this alone?

I don't deserve all the credit.

He died the next day.

You're not any more qualified to teach the subject than they are.

If you've never had a pint of Guinness in a real Irish pub, I highly recommend it.

This vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise.

You can fix it, can't you?

Due to technical reasons, the search feature is currently disabled.

I don't believe a word Vice says.

Stop! You're tickling me!

By the time she gets there, she will be happy again.

I promise I won't tell anyone that Dawson is here.

Mac is used to making quick decisions.


I wish you happiness in your personal life and success in your work.

I can tell you love him.

Linder ignored our warnings.


The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.

We have to get you out of here.

Stevan doesn't look at all convinced.

Are you in a rush?

We just have to wait and see.

I've been looking for you all day.

He was leaning against the wall.


Let's make a phone call.

I want to know why Clayton is doing this.

He is gone on that girl.

We're all with you.

She keeps an aardvark as a pet.

They hate the rules.

Tell me everything about you.

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Sassan forgot to tell Amanda to buy bread.


Sometimes I still miss her.

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What with the rain and a bad hotel, we didn't enjoy our holiday much.

Are you in London?

The process has already begun.

The man is checking in at a hotel.

You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

The population of Tokyo is four times as large as that of Yokohama.

This was easier than I thought it would be.

All good things come from above.

I need someone who will truly love me.

The paint is still wet.

I'm not disconnecting your computers.

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Miltos is hiding somewhere.

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There's a lot of nature there: a mountain range, a small river, and a great forest.


He was still alive when the rescue party arrived.

Let's not forget that Arthur used to be in prison.

The train has already gone.


Served you right!

That's really crazy.

This is an hotel I know of. That one is also some hotel.


I go to the office by car, and I try to leave home as early as I can so that I can avoid the traffic jams.

My parents aren't home.

He doesn't know what to do.

I hope you can come up with a better plan than this.

I hear voices.


I wish I could come with you, but I have a test tomorrow and I need to study.


Jayant looks just like his dad.


Juliane isn't ready to go.

Know yourself.

Jitendra rang the doorbell a couple more times.


Matthew was not very good in school.

The ship left every Monday.

He majors in social anthropology.


Dory has a meeting every Monday afternoon.

Tim threatened to burn Seth's house down.

I have often been asked that question.

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Jeany said it was all right.

People with agraphia can't write due to a brain injury.

They love it.

What defines us is how well we arise after falling.

We're just going to talk.

My lips are sealed.

Duane lost his temper and shouted at Keith.

He found it very hard to keep the conversation going.

Neal has insomnia.


I'm sure it wasn't me who did that.


Italy invests in small and middle industries, while America invests in large industries.

See to it that no strangers come into this room.

We were poor, but we were happy.

Hillary looks confident.

In my opinion, in Kazakh there are many words that come from other languages, but there's nothing wrong with that.


I hope it's complete.


I did what was important to me.

Mitchell always got everything he wanted.

He succeeded, not because he made efforts, but because he happened to be lucky.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Without gravity we would be hurled off into space.


Such words hurt me.

She was taken to hospital unconscious.

Angus will show you to your quarters.

I love Jakob, but he thinks I hate him.

He boasts of his education.

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I am convinced of his honesty.

Gas is an important natural resource.

I couldn't help noticing that you seem to be limping.


Let's talk to her.

I'm going to be in my room.

She prefers quiet music - the baroque, for example.

(Implied subject) will drink.

Toss the ball to Tandy.

I don't have the desire to tell him the truth.

She didn't have anything to say to the policeman.

The trouble with fiction... is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense.

I need you there with me.

What's your opinion of Japanese food?

Hold your positions.

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No matter how humble it may be, home is home.

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Put your gun down.

Could you show me another one, please?

Mr Green is a teacher of history.

I dated him for two years.

Who am I? Where do I come from? Is there life after death? What is the meaning of life on earth?

Lynn came out ahead.

I'm planning to buy some new furniture.

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Mehrdad ran away with the money.

How high is this mountain?

I told him that was ridiculous.

He goes and sits outside the class but he can't stop laughing.

Everybody has a breaking point.

What are xenoglossia and glossolalia?

A planet is not a star, because it is not massive enough that nuclear fusion can happen in its core.

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She came out on top.


She climbed down from the roof.

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Everyone looked.

I wish I was as hungry as you.

The terrible end of the World Trade Centre remains unforgotten.

The question of what constitutes a work of art is a controversial subject.

We know very little about the cause of this disease.

I hate school! I'm not going.

That apple was really tasty.

Patricia often plays piano in the evening.

The dog is the human's best friend.

She got into a rage.

Geoffrey wants to be a stuntman.

We saw Mr. Sato leave the room.

Don't pay any attention to Bert.

I remember what it was.

What bus do I need to take to get to the airport?


You're finished in Boston.

My daughter is often sick.

I waited outside for him.

He was working hard.

We're spending Christmas Eve at our grown daughter's house.

My dog is very faithful.

Do you need to work on Sunday?


That madman broke the window.

I will speak to you tomorrow.

Larry Ewing is married and the father of two children.

That's very encouraging.

Miles's blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level.

I meet her on occasion at the club.

This is Doraemon.

The forgery of letters has been such a common practice in the world, that the probability is at least equal, whether they are genuine or forged.

If you care to, you may come with us.

You destroyed my BMW!

Forget your sorrows.


He can't read it.

If it weren't for your courage, we'd now be dead.

You would have to practice the violin every day.

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Until what time can I call you on the phone?

I'm just a hindrance.

He who is enamored of himself will at least have the advantage of being inconvenienced by few rivals.