He filled up the hole in the wall.

Paper was invented by the Chinese.

The baby has fallen asleep.

Lester thinks that he's always right.


I'd like to see that ring, please.

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Pack and get dressed before your parents hear us.

I felt as if my face were on fire.

She expects him to show up on Saturday afternoon.


Now answer my question or you'll be standing tall before the man.

Things are not clearly defined.

I wish she'd look me in the eyes.

The faster, the better!

The company suffered a 15% drop in sales.

Subra called Valerie over to ask her what she thought of the tie he was thinking of buying.

What is the technical name of that paper with a rough texture?

I think I know how to do that.

With the completion of the housepainting, harmony is restored to the household.

From the age of 14 one is obliged to carry ID in Holland.

I left a new umbrella in the bus.

She never lets you forget her clean-cut image.

Watch your step. The floor is slippery.

Is this blackmail?

The job advertisement specifically requested females.


Language keeps in step with the times.

We can't help you with that.

She can't stop her.

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I figured everybody knew that.


There is a strange man in front of the house.


I think the government has to get it straight.


Obviously I made a mistake.

She's promised to give me a ring.

I'm going to Hawaii by ship.

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Jim has had one lung removed.

I know I'm in trouble now.

I hope things get better soon.

You should continue to study.

Did you really have to do this?

Did you see the way Peter looked at me?

No better, no worse, just different.

They're heavily armed.

Help is already on the way.

You're part of our team.

Ernst knows what the problem is.

I was tempted to go home early.

We should become unique, mature individuals.

The periodic flooding of the Nile is very important to Egypt.

All the boys are the same age.


I wish you could meet Sriram

I must go to the station at three o'clock.

He shut the door angrily.

Sorry, but can you show me the way to the next village?

Come in already.

To study English is important for today's young people.

I know Kris did it.


Mathematics is as old as Man.

Are you bilingual?

I'm glad we talked.

I want you to utilize that object.

Did you tell her about it?

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The divorce left the man with emotional wounds.


I didn't let it get to me.

We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry.

Is your friend a stinker?


My cat looks sad.


You have to turn words into deeds.


I think it's really special.

You'll need your strength, Duke.

Alain went to Pune.


You're so predictable.

We're going to want to talk to Page.

Sigurd's novel has been translated into French.

One of the detectives seized him by the neck.

Kenton isn't stable.


Her kimono and obi combination is smart, isn't it?

I don't approve of what Wendy has done.

What's your first name?


How does Google make money?

Welcome to Best Products.

Kim lives together with Ken.

He doesn't study as hard as he used to.

I try to keep my promises.

In a minute, I'm going to tell you my life story.

They deserve their period of elderly life to be pleasant and happy.


We're just talking.

Wayde van Niekerk's coach is a 74 years old great-grandmother.

I wish I could help.


My blood type is A positive.

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Skip can't figure out how Douglas was able to plan a surprise party without him knowing about it.

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I have a lot of work to do!

Object-oriented programming is all about indirection.

Winston's strength is returning.

Novorolsky wouldn't allow Jacobson to do that.

An operation that goes smoothly is a reason to celebrate.

What time did you wake up?

We're supposed to be helping Luc right now.

Don't be so disgusting.

May I carry you in my arms?

I helped Kathleen wash his car.

Bill won't talk to you.

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I charmed a secret out of her.

Roberta is about to begin.

When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.

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What did you buy from me?

Tigger doesn't have enough money to buy that house.

They stood calmly and listened to speeches.


Today we broke the record with 471 visits.

We heard screaming outside.

I suggest you ask him.

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My parents taught me to show respect to my elders.


Jwahar ought to leave before it rains.

Lloyd is three years younger than Tony.

Andre and I both miss you very much.


Does Carol want me to say something?

I have no idea what this is.

Do you want to drink?

He showed me round the park.

Cathryn asked me what I expected.

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Stuart can't read any menu not written in English.

Thad attacked Stacy with a knife.

Teenage boys are more likely than girls to be low achievers.


I swam in the river.

A family should not spend all of its money to keep someone alive on a machine.

I don't put sugar in my coffee.

You're not going to wear that, are you?

His photographs are unsparingly critical, and his inimitable eye unmasks the banal as well as the grotesque.

You're vulnerable right now.

We really need your help.

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I've thought a lot about what you said.

Niall fell from the boat and was lost.

He lied by intent.

Do you recognize that person?

This room has space for fifty people.


I think you should wait.

I like sports.

I'm not a baby anymore!

Which do you think is the best solution?

He explained the rules in detail.

Martin isn't the kind of person who loses his temper easily.

A fire broke out in this neighborhood last night.

We have a package for them.

This is of interest to no one.

You have to stay in shape.

I don't think you heard what I said.

Leads sat on the porch and drank tea.

He was at a loss to explain where he had put the dictionary.


No two snowflakes are exactly alike.

I think that it was his mistake.

We must take into account the fact that she is old.

You looked at me and smiled.

Morgan will help me clean my room.

There is nothing I could do to change it.

Who told you I was sick?

What you eat and drink before bed can affect your sleep.

The plague has devastated entire cities.

I didn't say I was from Boston.

Do you always do everything you're told?

Dan realized that he was in love with Linda.

We'll stay with him.


My mother is home every day.

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I think about it all the time.

This is like bringing water to the sea.

I can reach the top shelf.

He carried out all his aims.

Ofer and Lars have a very good relationship.