They attempted to assassinate the president.

It'd be better if you didn't see my grandpa today.

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Jimmy insisted that I take him to the zoo.

Ask Carter where Ravindran is.

We watched the children play.

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I watched them leave.

She wore a simple dress.

I'm afraid it's going to take a bit more money.

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Wolverine makes its lair under torn out roots, in rock crevices and other secluded spots.

If I'm late, I'll be scolded.

You're probably wondering who I am.


He is a man of many talents.

He walks in a stately manner.

I am taller than he.

I'm seeing double.

That's a lie, of course.

Do you think the shooting was accidental?

She felt hurt at his words.


Hirotoshi has a sense of entitlement.

Nils comes here every few days.

The bench is there too, isn't it?

I wish I could understand what you're saying.

I want to move to the country.

That house with a red roof is my uncle's.

I bought a scarf for my grandfather on my father's side's 88th birthday.

Okay, you caught me.

Brenda raised his right hand.

I see your problem.

Horst started screaming.


What do you say to a game of chess?


Jeannie wasn't wearing a hat.


If it rains, we will go to the art museum.

You obviously don't remember me.

Maybe we should get started.

I meant exactly what I said.

Aren't you the one who's always saying we should spend more time together?

Four is an unlucky number in Japanese.

Apparently you're right.

I wonder if I should tell her the truth.

From whom did Jihan know that Nel has a loving relationship with another person?

I heard her arguing with her.

Pierre almost fell down.

What's the retail price of eggs?

We can't really discuss that.

I can't afford to buy a bicycle.

He has as many books as his father does.

I saw two men struggling for the knife.

Do not expect charity from them.

He's been living off his father's financial support for ten years now.

One hot summer afternoon, John and Dan were cutting the long grass.

No passage this way.

Bad things will happen.

Giles hoped Laurence would stay in Boston for a while.

We can derive pleasure from books.

My wife and I are preparing to retire.

And just who are you, exactly?

Kit ate half a bag of potato chips.

He has to go to the bathroom right when the food's being served. He's always doing things at such inconvenient times.

I got up an hour earlier than I usually do.

I had to give up my plan.

It's enough, don't cry!

Gigi can't wait for Richard.

She has already gone to school.

If you need help, feel free to call me.

Everybody is here.

Hal paid for everything with cash.

Jitendra used to be weird.

It has a hole in it.


I'm afraid we've fallen a bit behind in our work.

I can't agree with you on that point.

You don't want to mess with me today, Edwin.

We must all go and find them.

A child's self-concept is how the child characteristically sees or feels about him/herself.

You shouldn't be nervous.

She seems to take immense pleasure in playing with children.

I don't have a Twitter account.

I don't go out much.


It is a pity that you can not come.

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At what age did you have your first period?

Don't tell Nancy about what we did today.

I'll be damned if it's true.


The gathering will be large if the weather is good.

What's the minimum wage in Italy?

What are you going to eat today?

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Noemi hates parties.

He stopped looking for the pearl.

It's not weird.

You're going the wrong direction.

"Good morning", said Joubert with a smile.

And the name of the person you're calling, please?

Siegurd is the only one in our family who's been to Australia.

This will make our job a lot easier.

We watched a baseball game on television.

We're expecting company this evening.

Rakhal is really mad.

Today I learned that I have accomplished one of my goals.

We need a little sugar.


He is my neighbour.

It was my book that your child tore to pieces.

Although he generally liked wine, he didn't care for the bottle Blake brought.

He became a hobo.

Nils isn't sneaky.

If I were you, I would follow him to the end of the world.

Never fail to call me up at two o'clock.

The sound of crickets chirping and frogs croaking lulls me to sleep.

I hope there will be minimal dead

Miss Jones made a face when she heard the news.

It's best to drink in moderation.

Shall I walk you home?

Haven't we met somewhere before?


The dogs started barking.

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I wrote to my teacher in English.

You just need help.

We were late as a result of the traffic jam.


There are no shops near my house.


It won't be much longer now.

Why did you choose that particular subject?

Is this new?

My thoughts are with all of you.

He looked into the farmer's smiling red face, "Yes, sir." He said.

Does my training qualify me to teach?

I can't pay you. Are you still willing to help?

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I saw you talking to Anatole earlier.

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Choose any one book you like.


Ned is just trying to make ends meets.

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It is in fact your fault.

I've let them down.

Larry decided to buy a blue dress.

She is dressed in white.

A tall tree projects its long shadow on the water.


We are making some updates to the site. We'll be back soon, thanks for your patience.


You let them get away.


Hui dog paddled toward the shallow end of the pool.

The commission has promised to take action soon.

Please don't turn up the volume on the television.


The drought has done great harm to the crops.

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Philippe was a late bloomer.

Do you think you'll see Claude again?

I don't have the power to finish the work alone.

Roxane says that he's not interested in doing that.

Don't you ever get lonely?

Do you like the apartment?

Vickie looks like a teenager, but he's actually over thirty.

Satellite imagery is being used in an effort to narrow down the area in the Indian Ocean where floating debris has been observed.

Kris gets a haircut about three times a year.

He is proud that his wife is a good cook.

Joanne breakfasted alone.


The cola made my tongue tingle.


Raul had his wallet stolen while he was in Boston.


Giovanni was standing behind Malcolm.

Cats are related to tigers.

Bill did not say that she should obey him no matter what.

It was late at night when we got back.

Ramsey put his hands in the air.

You were taken in by her.

When I asked him for change, he gave it to me.


I know what I like.

A woman without a man is nothing.

Why don't you calm down and tell me what the problem is?

He moved from place to place.

When I was taking a bath, the telephone rang.

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She sells us dresses.


We're continuing the conversation.


There were already over 20 people sitting there.

I know that.

He canceled the appointment at the last moment.