Everyone except Gene left.

He is old enough to tell good from evil.

I didn't want Vilhelm to leave.

I was in Paris with my wife.

I wanted to buy a house in downtown Boston, but I couldn't afford it.

He wouldn't dare show his face around here again.

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When she was three years old, her father died.

I took Reid's umbrella without meaning to.

I can't finish this part of the puzzle.

Everybody knows that.

That's not exactly true.

You sound pathetic.

I ate one.


I've written many love letters before and would gladly do it again.

I came back for you.

You can always use some extra cash.

Hillel and Archie fell head over heels in love with each other.

Keep your own counsel!

Spending money doesn't make me happy, but buying things does.

I am an adventurer each day.

Maybe you need to be reminded how dangerous Shadow is.

Why aren't you with Earnie?

He must be innocent.

This old French table is a very valuable piece of furniture.


He was very gifted and talented.


It is a privilege to meet you.


The appearance of stereotypes and TV are very related.

I've rarely seen Konrad so quiet.

Neal told me he didn't need my help.

He bought a VIP pass.

On special occasions, some people wear jewels.


Jesus asked him where I should park my car.

They were obsessed with detail.

They all died.

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Ron knew what needed to be done.

How do you eat like that and keep your figure?

There's been a change in plan.

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Don't listen to those who promise you wealth overnight, my boy. As a rule they are either fools or swindlers! Listen to me and go home.

I'm sure you can handle it.

Juha doesn't like anyone looking at his scars.

The fatigue had nearly exhausted him, and the sharks only waited for the first quiet moment to swallow their victim.

Teresa is at the foot of the stairs.


I didn't even know about that ship until I got back.


Please pay attention.

Maybe I should spend an hour with Teri.

This is where we live.


Paula left his phone in his car.

I figured they would enjoy that.

He treated it with utmost care.

Unfortunately the poet died in his youth.

We're at the bank.

I wonder what it is.

We've been through a lot.

I could live anywhere.

John represented his class in the swimming match.

Jitendra looked around, but saw no one.

I'll do my best to have it ready on time.

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I got the bilingual dictionary for an unbelievably cheap price.

Take my name off the list.

This'll be interesting.

Ask Anthony to be quiet.

Here is beer.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

My sister is by my side.


You should prepare for the future.

Manolis can't even pretend to like Andreas.

Numerous factors come in to play.


I assume you found Raman.


Everybody suspected him of taking a bribe.

We didn't do anything.

Are you doing what I think you're doing?

Who answered the phone?

Hirofumi will be watching television if you visit him now.

I will carry out my aims.

I hate this thing.

She told my secret.

The way some people see it, associating with the opposite sex is just like going to the seaside and gathering stones; everyone can pick up the ones they like.


I got a lot out of that book I read.

What lesson do you like most of all?

I am selling a new car.

Whether he comes or not is irrelevant.

Do you guys want to do something fun?

We'll get in touch with her.

This expression is archaic.


Any political party is conservative in itself.

Benjamin and Karen are nervous.

I should have done something.


I won't let Naim do it.

To tell the truth, I think you are wrong.

Esperanto, official language of the EU, now!

The most important feature of all games is that they are governed by rules.

If you can't find it on Tatoeba, it's not a sentence.

Do you understand how this works?

Many people believe that money brings happiness.


Let's have a minute of silence.

While no one fears that Hebrew will stop being spoken, it is in danger of ceasing to be a language of culture.

I am very happy that you have been with us today.

Have a nice night.

I had a cat named Cookie.


Don't hang out with them.

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Thank you for asking me, but maybe next time.

Have a little of this cake.

I'm not the only one with a child.


Terrence got down on one knee and asked Trevor to marry him.


I knew you wouldn't listen to me.

Jerome has a lovely daughter.

How many other people are there?


I know that you're trying to ridicule me with these kind of questions.


Do you know Seenu by sight?

You should assume that your phone is bugged.

I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?


Pythagoras' theorem allows you to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle.


Count me in on this.


I'll take Irvin to dinner.


Everything'll be all right.

Why don't we go for a drive?

I'd like the bill, please.


She wouldn't go for a walk with him.

Jamaican people were British citizens.

Alberto never used to do that.

I thought Huashi would go with you on your camping trip.

She told Sridhar the whole story.

You may be in danger.

They wear very little clothing.

Winnie is serious, isn't he?

His family emigrated to the United States.

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We'll live like kings.

I hardly ever remember my dreams.

Is Kevan with you?

He claimed he knew you well.

He never forgot his ambition to become a leading politician.

I'm not into Asian guys.

I didn't ask them to go there.


She repaired a ventilator.

I'm trying to solve this problem.

It's nice and warm today.

Have a croissant.

How do you know how thick it is?

A child develops rapidly between the ages of 13 and 16.

You are the last person that I expected to meet.

Who is this guy?

She got up at seven in the morning.

"What about me do you like?" "Everything."

Nothing can force me to give it up.

Get her something to drink.

Success is not possible without diligent work.

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She accepts the gifts.

Where was he going?

Where is the beach?


In my country, people can't stand others who are more intelligent than them.

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Would you like to take part in the festival?

Look at this image.

We need to burn all this stuff.

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You should not look down upon the poor.

Helen and Kathy rented an apartment in a suburb of Tokyo.

It's not like you to complain.


She lay down on the floor and started reading.

The recent events have affected him deeply.

Let's forget it for now.

I'll give you this camera.

I just wanted to go to college.


Into this broad category fall companies that run money lending and insurance businesses.