This dictionary is useful to beginners, yes, and to advanced learners.

She just called to make sure that you were safe.

Kimberly was flattered.

I knew them well.

Where does he cook?

His opinion is in conflict with mine.

My sister is now bound up in her work.

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You're out of milk.

Mahmoud opened the shoebox and took out the shoes.

I wonder what's inside the box.

Raja did this over a year ago.

I don't think Elisabeth will understand that.


You don't know anyone here.

Stir the soup.

You are welcome to do anything you like.

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I've gotten used to it.

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Tokyo is a very big city.

Mann needed to jump start his car.

I'll never listen to you again.


It's real, isn't it?

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Your room isn't empty any more.

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This only takes quarters, you know.

Something is wrong with this calculator.

We'd better go look for Knapper.

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What's cloud computing?

My life is not milk and honey.

You didn't tell me Victoria was so handsome.


There was enough food at the party for everyone to have some.

He won't listen to a word I say.

What's the track for the limited express?

When was the last time Judith took Brad out to dinner?

Promise me you won't tell him.

The dog barks at a stranger.

Malcolm turned around.

Don't eat from this plate and don't drink from that cup.

Stephen asked Jackye to bring him back some toothpaste and toilet paper from the supermarket.

Dad, here's the coffee.

Ole was knighted by Queen Olson.

It's so fucking cold!

That doesn't sound very promising.

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I eat to the north of your house.


You are always convinced that you have the power to make a situation come out the way you want.

He wore a jacket whose color I couldn't determine.

When I got to the office, I had tons of work waiting for me. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I have to go off because I have an appointment with a friend.

I shouldn't really be here.

Vaughn didn't want to encourage Kinch to do anything that might get her in trouble.

Dalton and Christofer aren't home yet.

Emmett aspires to be a teacher.

1 = ln(e)

I'm sorry, Ralf. I do not approve of your methods.

Henry knows how to have fun.

Why don't you and Sassan stay with us?

I'm being criticized for not doing more.


There's also another meaning.

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Aren't you scared of anything?


Caroline is fishing now.


You're the master.

Edith took his son John to a baseball game.

Don't you have classes today?

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He started swearing.

I got blamed and laughed at.

He was in charge of preparing a magazine for publication.

We can't let that happen.

"Shall I heat this up?" "No thank you, it's fine."

Would you mind saying that once more?

What do you do when you get writer's block while writing a script?

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I could never replace him.


The step-mother was very cruel to the twins, and beat them, and half-starved them, and constantly drove them out of the house.

What would your friends think about you?

My mother's illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

When I lived in the countryside, I could see millions of stars at night but I had no one with whom to share their splendor.

How did you get this number?

Who decided that?

Let me take a nap.

Colin is good at speaking French.

We don't yet know what we're up against.

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They were very professional.

Jim didn't wake up until his mother woke him.

While she is far from beautiful, she is more lovable than words can express.

These kids are always restless.

Bingley likes your sister undoubtedly; but he may never do more than like her, if she does not help him on.

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Taking a round-trip is longer than a direct route.

Mick seemed very tired, didn't he?

Who is the team's coach?

I refuse to do it.

Don't be a jerk.

I was on the wrong track.

Thuan eventually called Sarah back.

Anatole knows how to cook spaghetti.

I'm not a big supporter of the radio.


Micheal always exaggerates.


I'll shoot both of you.

Dan burst in and interrupted the conversation.

I never drink coffee.

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This puppet is my only friend.


He wanted to publish his photographs in the newspapers.

Can you tell us anything else about that?

They'll get over it.


My cat got stuck up a tree.

I thought Laurianne had something to tell us.

Throw down your weapons.

Einstein liked to play the violin.

Kimberly asked me if I was all right.


How exactly did Sam get hurt?

Don tried to intimidate Ginny.

What do you have the first period?

As a rule, it doesn't snow much here.

You'll never leave this town.


I think it's time for me to buy my son a car.

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Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.

It's wrong of you to talk back to her.

He had the right idea.

Panzer left without shutting the door.

Take it or leave it.

The plants were damaged by the late frost.

It is one of the biggest summer festivals.

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He speaks French and that very well.


Your eggs are getting cold.

He is Brazilian.

When did I write this article?


The medicine he had prescribed failed to take effect.

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I want to fit into those jeans.

I was told you wouldn't be at the meeting.

They fired Merril.

I can't see anything from here.

This is the best restaurant in our area.

I think I had better not say anything about it.

Hans is much younger than he looks.

We're not friends.

I bought a leather frame for the picture.

Thanking you in advance.

Where did you meet?

Even if lies and white lies are a spontaneous reaction of our brain, they will never be the truth, the reality of things, the life.

You have to fight.

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Following intensive discussions over the past few weeks we now seem to have found a way of defusing this issue.

The lid of this box won't lift.

I can get you everything you need.

Tomorrow, the verdict for Gretchen will be announced.

The 23 fits you better.

Skef took some cash out of his pocket.

The Shitennouji is the most ancient temple in Japan.

He used a fake I.D.

The always gives the same old excuse for being late for school.

Where's the closest pharmacy?

I taught Brent how to swim.

She does nothing but watch TV all day long.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat green vegetables every day.


Has Lucy already called?

Vick didn't go out last weekend.

According to the weather report, the rainy season will start next week.

Ken believes Israel.

Emil slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

The house stands by itself.

Winnie opened the front door.

I want to talk to the press.

I've had a lot of practice.


They went to Spain to study in the university.

I feel bad for that guy.

It happened that she and I liked the same kind of music.


You must be starving.

Keith is home from college.

After five brutal rounds, the judges could not split the two fighters, and the bout was declared a draw.