The vodka is very strong.

His girlfriend did it for him.

Feathers are a distinguishing feature of birds.


He decided to study harder.

They were sure they could do it again.

Who told you that you could park here?

Would you mind watching my suitcase for a minute?

"Manpower" is the world's largest temp agency.

That is one of the most hideous paintings I have ever seen.

If it does not rain.

Samuel caught Page snooping through his stuff.

Tricia pocketed the money.

How are you getting along in your new job?

This form looks kind of complicated. Help me fill it out.

You don't listen to me.

It's to the point.

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A heavy frost is expected.

Have you tried it before?

After seeing her provocative body, he became obsessed with her.

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I don't have enough money to pay my debts.

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He's a hired gun.

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Do you need help?

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He usually comes in time.

She helps her.

James is the perfect son.

Toufic didn't act quickly enough.

She was abducted by aliens from the planet Tatoeba.

I think I'd rather not know.

Paula is an attractive girl.

A stranger seized me by the arm.

We had a good time at the theater last night.


I'm not determined enough to confess my feelings to him.

I have a serious request to make of you.

It will not be long before the bridge is built.

Vivaldi wrote a lot of music for the bassoon.

Hsi disliked school when he was younger.

Lana told me that he didn't want to go with us.

You're much smarter than me.

Carlos waited a moment.

I'd better go talk to them.


You don't seem to be having any problem.

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I like your hair that way.

He went abroad for the purpose of studying English.

What does the police officer do?

They didn't know me.

The clock has stopped.

The question is who is going to tell him.

"Whose books are these?" "They are Alice's."

Let the dog go.

Please tell Murat to wait for about thirty minutes.


The clock gains five minutes a day.


Though he was poor, he was happy.

I often have post-nasal drip.

It is their right to vote.


I have writer's block. It's very frustrating.

Galen won't be able to do what we want him to do.

We've been talking about you.

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Juliet could still be here.


I thought you two knew each other.

I must speak with Barbara.

I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.

Danielle needed treatment.

Why are you cleaning the office?

We can offer these new products at 20% below list price.

How many times do you think we're going to have to do this?


We're glad you're back.

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Everything must go!

I don't want anyone to hear me.

The car he was riding crashed into a train.

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That wasn't very clever.

Don't go down there.

Due to constant seismic activity, Japanese engineers have come up with novel construction techniques.


It was not until yesterday that I knew it.

When you die do you become closer to God because you no longer exist?

You look European.

That's the attitude.

Laurel isn't in Boston anymore.

The first attack missed the target.

I don't like tea.

Am I too late?

You must switch off the power before checking the circuit.

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Robin doesn't look much like her mother.

I prefer the blue one over the red one.

I know what it looks like.


Now try to sleep.

Everyone respects Sriram.

I was at a job interview.

The diamond shone brightly.

His pyjama top had blood stains on it.

Cindie and Jason decided to go see a scary movie.

Don't call me that, she said softly.

I've never eaten anything like this before.

I hope we're not making a huge mistake.

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I object to her going there alone.


This is more expensive than I expected.


I didn't know where to go, or what to do.

Sidney takes vitamins.

You should tell Lance he was wrong.

I got her phone number.

What could be worse than that?

I'm not accountable to you for my conduct.

Be careful. It might be a trap.

He stood up and took a deep breath.

Don't forget to put a stamp on your letter.

Which one of you two is in charge?

I need to practice speaking French more often.

Tell her it was a mistake.

He's been out of work for a month.


Laurie's family is here.

Tran made a complete fool of himself.

Have you told Frances why you don't like it here?

Because of her physical disability Cindie now uses a walking stick when she has to go outdoors.

I never listened to her.

Due to the dispute over the islands, many Japanese businesses in China have been attacked.

I look like I'm drunk.


Do you know the town where he was born?

He cannot swim any more than a hammer can.

How much does a room cost?

You're in charge.

On July 1, 2013, Croatian became the twenty-fourth official language of the European Union.

She tried several times but failed.

We don't have a dog.

He often uses the slightest thing as a pretext for a fight with anybody.

I'm getting sick of hearing you complain.


I saw my grandfather last week.

I do not like any kind of sports.

"Can somebody help me?" "I will."


What should I do in order to spare time?

Do your own work.

Are you sure this is the right number?

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Ricardo had a telephone call from Giles early this morning.

He told a bedtime story to his son.

Have you ever slept on a water bed?

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Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to.

Kirsten was a little surprised by Frederick's behavior.

This is the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen.


Is that what you want to do?

It was rainy yesterday.

Heh heh, not enough.

Jack was laughed at by all the boys.

Why don't you just call a spade a spade and admit that she dumped you for that American guy she met at the English school?

Society has a great influence on individuals.

You're a very good artist.

He used all his wealth for the benefit of the poor.

Rubber is made from the sap of the rubber tree.


Emily raised his gun.


She cried bitterly at a press interview.

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He has a dog and six cats.


The chances are that you will find him.

I hope you won't tell anyone you saw me leave this house.

There's nothing to tell.

I can't read this.

I can't wrap my head around it.

I have a lot of patients.

We'll be having a slap up lunch.

Then Mike tells Hiroshi to fasten his seat belt.

Nobody else would help her.

I think Tandy was as surprised as I was.

You don't have to buy anything right now.

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There are over 80 people in my house. We're having a party.

I came up with a plan. It's a good one, I think.

This is my first time speaking German with a German person.

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We've been married for three years now.